Speed Up with More Ram

[ad name=”new”] One of the easiest and cheapest ways to repair or speed up any desktop or laptop computer is to install more ram.   More ram can speed up a computer without much expense, know-how, or trouble.  Bad ram will make your computer run poorly or not boot at all. Installing ram is a […]

Your Computer is Slow

[ad name=”new”] At Ducktoes, we use optimization tools up the ying-yang. One we dream about in our sleep is Auslogics Boost Speed. According to recent reviews, Auslogics speeds up computers by 15 to 20%. The reviewers used PC Mark to measure before and after results. And guess what all? Each computer lost over 20 lbs. […]

How to Uninstall Mcafee When it won't Uninstall

[ad name=”new”] I’ve had to uninstall Mcafee Anti-virus products several times in the last week or so. People have let their licenses expire but that doesn’t keep the the anti-virus from running in the background and using up tons of resources. And when I try to remove it the usual way, by going to Start>Control […]

Put in More Ram – Desktop Computers

[ad name=”new”] One of the easiest things to do to increase your computer’s performance is to put in more ram. That’s the computer available to running processes while the computer is turned on. When you have more, your computer can do more, and in less time. All you have to do to put in more […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part 6: Run Checkdisk

[ad name=”new”] Oops, somehow I missed How to Speed Up Your Computer – Part 6. So here it is: Another way to speed up your computer is to run Checkdisk. The process is easy and fun to do (what I think is fun may seem strange to you). But, fun or not, at least this […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Five: Clean the Registry

[ad name=”new”] This is Part Five of a five part series about how to speed up your computer. Here are the other four posts. Why should you clean the registry? The registry is a listing of all the settings and options in Windows. They are listed in the form of “keys”. When the registry gets […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Four: Uninstall the P2Ps

[ad]I know that among some people, this suggestion will be a very unpopular, but if your computer is too slow you really ought to remove your free file sharing music and video P2Ps, such as Bearshare, Grokster, etc. If just reading this advice makes you howl and scream on the floor, you might, after you […]

Anti-spyware Hints for Techies: Editing the Registry

Sometimes as techies, we want to keep programs from running at startup. This helps get rid of spyware that is running in memory. Once stopped, we can eliminate malware with Spybot, for instance, without running Spybot again on reboot, which is time-consuming. Also techies often are asked by clients to speed up old computers or […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Three: Turn on Automatic Updates

Windows works best and is most secure when Automatic Updates are turned on, so the most recent updates from Microsoft are installed regularly. To turn on the updates, open your Internet Explorer (Blue “e”) and then go to Tools on the menu bar at the top, next to Favorites. On the Tools drop-down menu you’ll […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Two: Defragment the Hard Drive

After you run Disk Cleanup (see Part One), you’ll want to defragment the hard drive. Hard drives have arms that retrieve data much like those on old phonograph players. (Some of us actually remember those!) Except instead of staying in one place as a phonograph arm and needle does as the record goes around underneath […]