An Excellent Way to Prevent Computer Viruses

  An excellent way to prevent viruses is use Ad Block with Google Chrome as your browser. Since many viruses and malware are hidden in ads on websites, using Ad Block will really protect you. My daughter Jess uses Google Chrome with Ad block and has now stopped using an anti-virus. And she doesn’t get […]

Opera is Better, Reader Claims

[ad name=”new”] And I don’t mean music, although operatic music is wonderful too. I mean Opera, the web browser. A reader of this blog (Italian, I think) said it was the safest browser out there. So I’m going to check it out. You can too. Click here to download it. I still love Firefox. And […]

Surefire Firefox

Using Firefox is one of the best ways to prevent spyware. And it is free. Since Firefox has far fewer users than Internet Explorer, most malware creators don’t bother with making spyware for it. They want to get the most bang for their buck and effort. So, since much less malware for Firefox on the […]

Browsers that Fight Spyware

A browser is the software application you use to visit websites. You’re probably familiar with Internet Explorer. Yet other browsers are more effective for preventing spyware. This is partially because they’re not as popular, and the bad guy spyware creators don’t bother with them as much. Firefox and Avant are two good choices. I use […]