Third Website Design for Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving

One of our oldest and dearest clients, Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving, recently requested a redesign of their website.  They wanted an upgrade to a new generation website that filled the screen and would be more interactive. They also wanted contact forms.

We at Ducktoes Webdesign were excited by this challenge.  We were happy since we wanted to make the site more personalized with real photos of Derek’s Brown’s company in action and also create some eye-catching visual movement that would create interest and keep users on the page longer. We needed to make it more mobile responsive as sites need to be now since users are using smart phones and tablets more as well as laptops and desktops.

I created their first website in 2009 when I was solo and very new in my computer services business and the only one working for my company.   It looked like this (this is a screenshot from the WaybackMachine):


Then a previous Ducktoes web designer named Jody Gristwood designed this webdesign in 2013:


Now here is our newest web design just launched this week:


Here it is as a mobile site:

If you’d like a web design like this from Ducktoes, call 403-483-0105 or visit our Calgary Web Design page.


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5 Ways to Make your Website more Secure from Hackers

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Oh baby, baby it’s a wild world. The internet is rife with hackers, fraud, and danger all around. It’s a maelstrom out there.  Most sites are subjected to brute force attacks with password guessing on a regular basis.  Many get hacked into and then injected with malware causing the site not to function well and to get blacklisted from Google. Sometimes all this is happening on hidden pages or code, and it is hard for site owners to even notice their site has been compromised. To help prevent this, you need make your website more secure.  Here are a few ways toward greater security.

1. Change the ftp and Cpanel passwords regularly.
2. Remove the admin user from WordPress sites or default user from other CMS sites. That way the hackers have to guess the user and the password. Before you remove the admin user, you’ll have to create a new user with administrator rights and a strong password.  Write this down and never lose it.
3. Use plugins like Securi and log the log in attempts to your site.  You’ll be astonished at how often someone or some bot tries to log in.  You’ll see the need to secure your website.
4. Backup your site regularly, both the files and the database.
5. Use strong passwords that are long, a mixture of numbers, letters, special characters, and upper case.

Ducktoes can help make your website more secure with our web design security services.

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New Website Design: Calgary Costume Shop

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Here is one of our newest web designs for a costume business in Calgary. Calgary Costume is a well-established, popular costume shop in northwest Calgary with a wide variety of costumes for Halloween and other masquerade events. Our objectives in designing the site was to fix the old broken site and to come up with a mobile responsive, professional, unique, attractive design in keeping with the fun and user-friendly costume shop. We wanted it to be distinct from other costume shop web designs so that the site would stand out from the crowd and look professional and classy. We also had to incorporate a shopping cart not for sales but for browsing through many costumes and accessories.


Here is their website:

If you want more information for our web design and designers, go to our Calgary web design services.


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New Web Design: Dawsco Coffee Services Inc. Website

Ducktoes Web Design has just finished one of our latest web designs.  Dawsco Coffee Services is a successful, efficient, major Calgary coffee business.  They needed a three-headed website with a landing page and three distinct sections that reflected this success and status, so we created a unique, new generation, and clean-looking  landing page with the three sections displayed with large icons.

The three blue icons and logo of Dawsco Coffee Services website.

Dawsco Coffee Services Landing Page


Each section has its own look and feel under a clean and professional unifying theme.

The Office Coffee Services Section is a persuasive display of DawsCo’s top-of-the-line business coffee services, promoting to Calgary business owners the benefits of using their coffee services.

The Online Keurig K-Cup Shop is a new online service offered by Dawsco that sell Keurig K-Cups and K-Cup accessories online.  We incorporated the clean, professional look into a simple-to-use and attractive shopping cart.  170 different K-Cups and accessories are offered here to online customers throughout Alberta and Canada.

The Boutique is one-page section displaying Dawsco’s inhouse specialty K-Cup storefront.

Of course we also made the web design responsive so it looks good on a smart phone, tablet, notebook, and desktop.  This is how the business coffee services page looks on a smartphone.

If you would like your business to have a web design that promotes your business or organization 24/7 visit our web design page.


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Airdrie Animal Health Clinic




We have been launching many new webdesigns and redesigns lately.  Here is one we are really proud of: Airdrie Animal Health Centre.  They are are great veternarian clinic, professional and friendly, and very high standards, and now have an equally great website to match.  If you are looking for a vet for your pet and live in Airdrie I highly recommend them.   Even if you live in Calgary, they’d be worth the short drive.

We wanted to capture their love and health knowledge of animals and their welcoming attitude toward the animal’s owners.  You’ll see a clean and friendly design with a marquee and slider of animal photos.  The marquee gives the user reminders about holidays and clinic hours and the slider portrays their fondness and appreciation of pets.  The health information uses a specialized drop-down tab to make the health information easily navigable.  We also designed a virtual tour (which is waiting new photos).

If you’d like a new web design by Ducktoes Calgary Web Design just give us a call at 403-219-3031.  We’d love to make you an eye-catching website for your organization, business, or professional practice.

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