Client Loses Facebook Account

Fan of Facebook
I have a client who loves Facebook.  She goes on it everyday, has lots of friends, and really enjoys everything about it.  She finds it fun and a wonderful way to connect and keep connected to all the people in her life.  She feels it has improved her life and is a loyal user.

Lost Her Account When She Changed Emails
Unfortunately however she recently changed email providers and changed her email address on Facebook.  Since then she hasn’t been able to get back in to her account.  She made a new account but misses all the photos and statuses and other things she had on her old one.  She’s been trying for 20 or more days to get back in. She’s desperate.  She asked me to help her.

We’re Stuck
I’ve helped many people who don’t know their email or their password get back into Facebook but on this one I’m stuck.

Only One Option and that Option Doesn’t Work
The problem is that when she tries to log in, it tells her she has the wrong password.  She is pretty sure her password is right but has tried every variation she can think of.  It also asks who some of her friends are, then it tells her to reset her password but with her old email address.  She doesn’t have access to her old email, so she can’t do it.  Resetting her password with her old email is the only option Facebook is giving her.


We’ve both filled out many reports to ask Facebook’s help but haven’t heard back. Maybe we still will, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

I too love Facebook.  I love how I can keep connected with all the people in my life.  It is wonderful.  Facebook however doesn’t provide support you can count on and that makes me wish for a different Facebook-like program to come along.  I hate to see clients who can’t resolve computer problems, especially problems that should be, with a little help from Facebook, easily resolvable.

If you have any ideas that might help us, or your own story, please leave a comment below.

If you need help with social media, we’re here or if you want to use Facebook, Google +, or Twitter for your business, we can help with that as well.

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Facebook Starts a Museum about You!










This is a guest post written by Peter Trigueiro:

If you ever wanted a museum devoted to yourself, your wish has been granted! Facebook’s new timeline allows everyone on your friends list to go through any post you’ve made on Facebook very easily. Whereas before a person would feel their stalker shame build the farther and farther they went back on someone’s wall, now Facebook has organized your wall and made it an easy to navigate timeline.

Not only that, but Facebook will have other events in your life that you weren’t sure you told anyone about listed as events on your timeline. It will know what happened in Vegas and it will tell everyone about it.

Make sure to take the time to manage your timeline to best reflect yourself. That probably means deleting the wall post from 2007 where you and your friend tried to come up with new, improved curse words.

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The Hidden, Sexy, Mysterious Other Inbox

Of course you’ve heard of the other woman or man. The words conjure up a mysterious, sexy individual involved in daring, clandestine activites. Yet in actuality, most likely the other woman or man is just an ordinary and somewhat lonely person having an affair with a married person. Perhaps not that mysterious after all.

The mysterious other woman

The other woman is actually probably in reality quite ordinary.


Yet, as fascinating as relationships and affairs and clandestine activities are to Ms. Ducktoes, this post is about another hidden, mysterious, sexy “other” thing, the other Inbox on Facebook.

Yes, mysterious and sort of hidden, but unlike “the other woman” nothing to get too upset about.

If you have a Facebook account you do have an “other Inbox,” and there are messages in there you don’t know about. Messages Facebook assumes are spammy but may be messages of importance to you, at least messages you do indeed want to see.

That’s what some people are upset about. That Facebook has hidden some messages intended for them that they know nothing about, messages the senders assume they have received. Some of the messages have been reportedly quite important.

You can read about it here.


Or watch the video below.

I looked in my hidden inbox and found a message from a handsome stranger, probably half my age, from Manchester, England who thinks I’m looking good in my profile. And how very true, I am looking good in my profile since I weed out photos where I don’t look good. Yet, instead of being Facebook friends with some handsome stranger, I’d rather sit on the sofa with my husband who accepts me as I am, who thinks I look better in my old robe without any makeup than I do in my Facebook profile. I mean when he’s not on his financial news websites, that is. So it’s a message I don’t mind missing.

However, there are other messages about events I might have wanted to attend, writing events, for instance, if I weren’t so busy as an owner of a Calgary computer repair business. Those might be worth getting upset about, at least a little, if in fact I could attend them. Yet, like the “other woman” the “other inbox” is in actuality not so sexy or mysterious, just an ordinary and lonely spam Inbox, lonely because no one ever looks in it.

A handsome stranger

Well, actually, I did try to get some use of the message from the handsome stranger. I thought it might make my husband a look up from his news website and pay attention to me a bit. I said, I got a message from a handsome stranger in Manchester, England. He thinks I’m looking good in my profile.

My husband was engrossed in some podcast on the decline of the stock market. “Huh?” he said.

I repeated myself about the handsome stranger.

“He thinks I’m looking good, too,” my husband said.

My husband has a guy with a really weird beard as his profile photo. He thinks its funny.

Calgary virus removal

My husband's profile photo

“Oh,” I said.

To find your hidden Inbox go to your wall on Facebook, then, look on the left hand under your name and you’ll see the word “Messages.” Click once on “Messages” and under that you’ll see the word “Other.” That’s your “Other Inbox.” And maybe some handsome stranger thinks you are looking good in your profile too.

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