Client Loses Facebook Account

[ad name=”new”] Fan of Facebook I have a client who loves Facebook.  She goes on it everyday, has lots of friends, and really enjoys everything about it.  She finds it fun and a wonderful way to connect and keep connected to all the people in her life.  She feels it has improved her life and […]

Facebook Starts a Museum about You!

[ad name=”new”]                   This is a guest post written by Peter Trigueiro: If you ever wanted a museum devoted to yourself, your wish has been granted! Facebook’s new timeline allows everyone on your friends list to go through any post you’ve made on Facebook very easily. Whereas […]

Never Give Someone Access to your Facebook Account

[ad name=”new”] Yesterday it snowed a lot in Calgary where Ms. Ducktoes lives. The snow, as I look out the window right now, is beautiful, coating every little thing: every tree branch and railing and lawn with a glimmery light-catching surface. My sons talked me into taking a video of them romping in the snow. […]