Warning to Bittorrents Users: You’re Being Watched

[ad name=”new”] Researchers are spying on Bittorrents users according to this article in The Register. So be careful or else your computer’s IP address and your illegal downloading habits could be recorded and monitored. . According to another article on p2pnet news, some people charged for illegal downloading “fees” are fighting back. They’re hiring lawyers […]

Virus Alert: P2Ps Spreading Dangerous Virus called Virut

[ad name=”new”] The worst virus I’ve ever seen is now making its way through Bit Torrent and Limewire and other file sharing programs. It’s called Virut. And once you have it it’s pretty much game over and time for a clean install. You’re done. At least you’re operating system is kaput. So if I were […]

P2Ps with No Spyware and Living Life to the Fullest

[ad name=”new”] With some P2Ps (Peer-to-Peers) such as Grokster, Morpheus, and Bearshare, you get much more than free music, you also get a computerload of adware and spyware. Also free. This free malware is not only annoying, as it clutters your computer processes and desktop, it also significantly impacts the performance of your computer. It […]

A Free P2P without Spyware

[ad name=”new”] I’ve discovered a free file sharing P2P that doesn’t come bundled with adware or spyware. It is Xolox. Xolox also scans downloading files for viruses. So if Ms. Ducktoes (that’s me) still hasn’t convinced you to quit using P2Ps, at least switch to Xolox. I hope my sons, Joe, Peter, Ben, and John, […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Four: Uninstall the P2Ps

[ad]I know that among some people, this suggestion will be a very unpopular, but if your computer is too slow you really ought to remove your free file sharing music and video P2Ps, such as Bearshare, Grokster, etc. If just reading this advice makes you howl and scream on the floor, you might, after you […]

You Don’t let Strangers into Your House

[ad name=”new”] You don’t let strangers into your house to tramp around and go through cupboards to share your cds, do you, just so you can have a bit (or a lot) of free music? So why let people into your computer to tramp around its registry code and system files or stroll through your […]