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Ducktoes Computer Services is a Calgary-owned, Calgary-operated independent computer shop that specializes in computer and laptop repairs, search engine optimization (“SEO”), and web design and development services. We are located just up the hill from Calgary’s downtown core, in the vibrant community of Crescent Heights.

First and Foremost, Ducktoes Believes in People.

We believe in:

  • Being a welcoming and helpful environment for all kinds of people
  • Helping people succeed through technology
  • Valuing our customers above all others

Ducktoes was founded in 2005 to help people by removing viruses and fixing computers while keeping
their files and information intact (which was a rare thing in 2005).

At the time, Ducktoes had:

  • Tons of heart
  • 1 worker (the owner, Cathie)
  • No storefront

How things have changed!

Today, Ducktoes still has tons of heart. But we also have evolved into one of
Calgary’s very best computer repair shops.

We also rank among Alberta’s most established Calgary SEO boutiques, and have
earned the reputation of providing incomparable web design/development

Our employees come from every walk of life, but we all share one driving
mission: We are here to help make things better.

Ducktoes Services:

Ducktoes Computer Repair Services:

Ducktoes strongly supports the Right To Repair.

We’re proud to say that we have some of the very best and most talented
computer repair techs in town! Whether it’s software or hardware, PC or Mac,
laptop or desktop (or tablets), personal or business – we are here to help you.

Our insanely talented computer repair techs have seen and fixed it all, from
“vintage” 1980s point of sale (POS) terminals to motherboards for commercial
breweries, hot tubs, and farm equipment, to just about every make and model of
laptop and desktop out there. You can trust us to take care of your computer
repair needs.

Learn more about our computer repair services.

Ducktoes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services:

Ducktoes has been doing SEO since before it was “cool”. In fact, we have
been helping businesses and entrepreneurs make the most of their digital
presence since 2011.

And while much has changed in SEO over the past 12 years, our commitment to
making websites perform better has stayed the same.

Today, optimizing for search engines includes more factors than you can shake a
Google at. We ensure that our SEO pros have the most up-to-date training and
practical experience necessary to help get websites of all sorts the attention they

Learn more about our Calgary SEO services.

Ducktoes Web Design and Development Services:

Ducktoes has designed, developed, and modernized a whole lot of
websites – suffice it to say that we know what we’re doing.

The look, feel, and usability of a professionally developed website is instantly
recognizable. A well designed website gives its visitors exactly what they’re
looking for in a way that feels intuitive and seamless. It’s also fully updated,
responsive to various screen sizes, and is fully compatible with today’s most
commonly used operating systems and browsers.

From large WordPress e-commerce sites to modest one-page websites for local
authors, our gifted web development team can make your vision a reality.

Learn more about our Calgary web design services

A Calgary Computer Repair Company

Ducktoes believes in people first. All kinds of people. First. And we are brimming with expertise, the best techs in the city. And we are also people-people. We know your computer is an important and crucial part of your life and we want to make computer problems less stressful, time-consuming, and disruptive. We’re here for you.

Call (403) 219-3031 for more information.