How to Remove Gaopdx

[ad name=”new”] Hey the other night, I was at a house in Northeast Calgary that had a huge tv on the wall right in front of the computer. So I got to watch the Flames game while I fixed the computer which had the nasty and new Gaopdx rootkit. It was an exciting evening with […]

How to Remove Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009

[ad name=”new”] If you are one of the millions of people whose computers are infested with the nasty malware Windows Antivirus XP 2008/2009, don’t despair. It’s hard to remove but can be done. I’ve fixed it in four computers now. I tried many different things, but I had the greatest success with SD Fix and […]

Fascinating, but Sinister Spyware

This week I’m fixing an old Toshiba laptop that was loaded with spyware. It had all these spyware: Adware BHO Generic Win32 Trojan PSW Sinowal Win32 clowsd Alexa Related Microsoft Windows Security Center Virus Override Microsoft Windows Security Center Firewall Override Microsoft Windows Security Center SP2 Update Override Microsoft Security Center _disabled PWS LDPinch IE […]

More on Rootkits

Rootkits are malware tools used to hide spyware and trojan horses from your virus scanner and anti-spyware. They are quite effective. You could have a rootkit for months and never know since your virus software can’t detect it. Yesterday I told you about Spy Sweeper, an invaluable defender against rootkits and other trojans. I recommend […]