Learn How to Type Faster with Games

Everyone should know how to type. Not knowing impacts both your fun and work on a computer. Everything takes longer. Writing emails, messaging, filling-in forms, and most of what you do on-line or on the computer is slower. In fact, all tasks and projects take longer. You get less done.

That is why you should just knuckle-down (finger-tip down?) and learn to type. Then practice a lot. I know how to type but when I’m standing at the pos till with a client, I’m so focused on the client and trying to listen that I make a lot of mistakes while typing their information. I’m not as fast or accurate as I’d like to be. This means if there are a couple of clients or more waiting, I can’t get to them as soon as I’d like to and that impacts customer service.

If you are a boss or owner of a business you should get everyone to learn to type faster. That will help productivity and customer service.

Practicing with games and lessons helps me type better and faster, I’ve found. I found a great source of typing games that helps you learn to type faster and have fun, so it’s not boring. It’s called Free Typing Game.

Here’s a car racing game that I like. If you don’t type fast or accurately you’ll crash.

The site doesn’t look much. Free Typing Game could use a new web design. It has too many ads. Yet the games are fun and free. They help you learn easily. Did I also mention they are free?  I also like the free lessons on the website.

Check out the site and have fun.

Also check out Ducktoes Computer Tutorials.


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How to Upgrade to AVG 2014 and 2015

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Update: These techniques below still work including upgrading AVG 2015.  They are for paid versions of AVG. To upgrade for the free versions please see this tutorial.

Many of our clients and others have AVG 2013 or an older version and need to upgrade to 2014.  If you don’t know how to upgrade here is a how-to guide and video from AVG itself.

How-to Upgrade from AVG

And here’s the video.

Or if you prefer Ducktoes can do it for you, in the shop, on-site, or remotely.  We are virus removal specialists and great at helping with anti-virus selection and installation.  Here is our shop in Calgary.



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