Gamers, We are Entering a New Realm, or Where are my Earphones?

[ad name=”new”] Ducktoes has entered a new realm of computing. We are now building custom gaming machines. We have always built gaming machines but now we are doing it with intention and passion. We even have some models posted on our website. This new realm involves a lot of heated discussion. We are striking near […]

What Specs you Need in a New Computer

[ad name=”new”] Wondering what specs you’ll need in a new computer?  I found an excellent blog post by a computer repair shop owner in San Diego on just that. Here is the link. It is more like an article than a post.

What Brands I Recommend

[ad name=”new”] As I said in my last post, I am worried about all kinds and brands of hard drives. I no longer think they are made well. I buy Seagate usually. I like Intel boards and processors. I like Cooler Master and Antec cases. I like Asus motherboards too. I hardly see any ASUS […]