Custom Computers For Christmas

The holidays are almost here, so no better time to start thinking of gift ideas and treating your family or special friend to a wonderful gift. What could be better than a new custom computer? At Ducktoes we build them with quality parts that last for years and are fast and reliable. You have many […]

Custom-built Computers

We are selling a lot of new computers custom-built by Ducktoes.  The Speed Machines and the Value Machines are the most popular. The Ducktoes Speed Machines have a solid state drive in addition to a regular hard drive.  We put the operating system on the solid state hard drive so it boots really fast.  The […]

Gamers, We are Entering a New Realm, or Where are my Earphones?

[ad name=”new”] Ducktoes has entered a new realm of computing. We are now building custom gaming machines. We have always built gaming machines but now we are doing it with intention and passion. We even have some models posted on our website. This new realm involves a lot of heated discussion. We are striking near […]