How to Update AVG Free without Zen and PC Tuneup

Our Ducktoes online tutorials section is outdated. Maybe not as outdated as the floppy disks or cassette tapes above, but it’s getting old and not as useful as it once was. So I’m rewriting all of the tutorials. (Yes, I’m writing a computer repair tutorial on a holiday weekend, or maybe because it is a long weekend.) Also […]

How to Upgrade to AVG 2014 and 2015

[ad name=”new”] Update: These techniques below still work including upgrading AVG 2015.  They are for paid versions of AVG. To upgrade for the free versions please see this tutorial. Many of our clients and others have AVG 2013 or an older version and need to upgrade to 2014.  If you don’t know how to upgrade […]

Tutorial on How to Renew AVG Free

So many clients don’t know what to do when their free antivirus expires.  They have two choices.  They could pay for it and support this great software company or if the computer they are protecting is a home business, they could renew their free subscription.  Here’s a tutorial on how to renew AVG free.

How to Remove the Cybercrime Ukash Virus

[ad name=”new”] Unfortunately, the Cybercrime or Ukash virus is still with us. We just had another couple of computers at the shop come in infected with it. If you live in the Calgary area, bring your computer into our Calgary computer repair shop and we’ll fix it for you tout de suite. If you don’t […]

What Free Antivirus I Recommend

[ad name=”new”] I’m often asked what free anti-virus I recommend. Unfortunately no one anti-virus can remove all viruses. In our Calgary computer repair shop we use many different ones and each finds different infections. Some that we use are AVG, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky, Dr. Web Cure-it, E-set online and off, among others. If we relied […]

How to Stay Free with AVG

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] The last upgrade of AVG from 8.5 to 9 has many great changes while the best features remain unchanged. The newest AVG scans much faster and uses less resources, while the residential shield (which catches malware before it has a chance to infest your computer) still works well or even better than […]

Be Careful when Downloading AVG from Google

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] I like AVG…no bones about it. And I recommend it to my clients because it’s easy to use and it’s reliable and now with version 9.0 it’s also faster again. On the comparative tests at, AVG Free removed 97% of the viruses. I have clients–with teenage sons— who used to hire […]