How to Remove Viruses Manually

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It takes a few weeks for antivirus companies to discover new viruses and develop defenses and definitions against them. In the meantime those viruses are running in the wild. There are ways to remove viruses manually without antivirus programs. One is using Process Explorer an application from Sysinternals. I learn new techniques for virus removal because viruses are constantly changing.

Here is an excellent talk by Mark Russinovich. Mark is co-creator of the Sysinternals tools and website and now, after Microsoft acquired Sysinternals, is a Tech Fellow for Microsoft.

This talk tells you how to use Process Explorer to remove viruses manually. It will be most helpful to virus removal and computer repair techs or more advanced computer enthusiasts.

If you have viruses or computer problems, Ducktoes can help.  We have a computer repair lab in Calgary, Alberta.  We also do onsite it support and remote support.

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How to Maintain your Computer – Free Class


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Keep clean your laptop

At Ducktoes, we offer free classes once in awhile.  On Thurdsay, June 5 at 6:30 pm, we are offering a free class on How to Clean up and Maintain your Computer.  You’ll learn tips and skills on computer maintenance and repair that will save you in computer repair costs.

  • How to clean up your computer
  • Virus prevention tips and free programs
  • How to fix hard drive errors
  • How to clean out junk files and clear out browsers
  • How to fix registry problems
  • How to clean out dust and clean monitors.

If you would like to sign up for this class, please email 403-219-3031.  Or call 403-219-3031.

This is our website


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Your Computer is Slow

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At Ducktoes, we use optimization tools up the ying-yang. One we dream about in our sleep is Auslogics Boost Speed. According to recent reviews, Auslogics speeds up computers by 15 to 20%. The reviewers used PC Mark to measure before and after results. And guess what all? Each computer lost over 20 lbs. and could fit into their old skinny jeans. Nah, Ms. Ducktoes has been going to Weight Watchers too long, and has skinny jeans on the brain, but the computers did lose the dead weight of needed tweaks and adjustments Microsoft failed to implement for speed. They ran 15 to 20% faster. Check it out here.

You'll have to buy your computer a new pair of jeans.

Before and After with PC Mark

Also AVG has recently partnered with Auslogics and incorporated Boost Speed into its PC Tools. Read about that here in a press release with PR Web. If you get PC Tools with AVG, you can use it once for free. According to AVG’s top programmers, the optimizations are also quite safe.

CNET Reviews Editors give Auslogics Boost Speed five stars. That’s the highest rating.

If you bring your computer in to Ducktoes, we’ll run all the optimizations for you. Then you’ll have to buy your computer a new pair of jeans. Or we can do this remotely for you, the optimizations, and, lol, even the shopping. Call 403-483-0105.

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Create a Baseline with Windows Process Explorer

Here’s a good computer repair and anti-spyware strategy. When your computer is working well or is brand new and set up just how you want it, then create a baseline with Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer. Create a log of the processes. Then if things go awry or your computer starts to run more slowly, you’ll be able to run the Process Monitor again, create a new log, and compare the two. You’ll see which processes are new and may be causing problems.

Here’s how to do it.
1. Download Process Explorer from Sysinternals on the Microsoft site.
2. After you’ve saved it to your computer, run it. You’ll have to extract it first. Below is what the unzip tool Winrar looks like. Click the “Extract” button.

Unzip the Zip File

3. Run the program.

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