How to Remove Viruses Manually

[ad name=”new”] It takes a few weeks for antivirus companies to discover new viruses and develop defenses and definitions against them. In the meantime those viruses are running in the wild. There are ways to remove viruses manually without antivirus programs. One is using Process Explorer an application from Sysinternals. I learn new techniques for […]

How to Maintain your Computer – Free Class

  [ad name=”new”] At Ducktoes, we offer free classes once in awhile.  On Thurdsay, June 5 at 6:30 pm, we are offering a free class on How to Clean up and Maintain your Computer.  You’ll learn tips and skills on computer maintenance and repair that will save you in computer repair costs. How to clean […]

Your Computer is Slow

[ad name=”new”] At Ducktoes, we use optimization tools up the ying-yang. One we dream about in our sleep is Auslogics Boost Speed. According to recent reviews, Auslogics speeds up computers by 15 to 20%. The reviewers used PC Mark to measure before and after results. And guess what all? Each computer lost over 20 lbs. […]

Create a Baseline with Windows Process Explorer

Here’s a good computer repair and anti-spyware strategy. When your computer is working well or is brand new and set up just how you want it, then create a baseline with Windows Sysinternals Process Explorer. Create a log of the processes. Then if things go awry or your computer starts to run more slowly, you’ll […]

Tools for Diagnosing Your Computer

[ad name=”new”] I’ve just found a great list of (mostly) freeware utilities from Major Geeks to diagnose all components of your computer. There are tools to diagnose both hardware and software and even a boot disk called Bootzilla to remove viruses. Give them a try. [ad name=”new”]

How to Get Rid of Virut without Reformatting

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Ms. Ducktoes did it! I beat the dreaded Virut without reformatting. This is how I did it. The Dr. Web Cureit Live CD I spoke of in the last post didn’t work. At the beginning of the scan, it stopped everytime. So instead: I created an Ultimate Boot CD for Windows. I […]

Welcome to Ducktoes Computer Repair and Services Blog

[ad name=”new”] If you have viruses, spyware, or malware or just want to manage and repair your computer better, this is the blog for you. Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair is in Calgary, Alberta Canada. We also offer other Calgary Computer Services such as web design, seo, and onsite it support for businesses and residences and will […]

Are you feeling like a Zombie? Then remove that Botnet!

[ad name=”new”] A botnet uses spyware and malware to lure you into being one of its zombie computers. And then uses your computer for spamming, storing credit card numbers and other personal data such as passwords and account numbers, distributing illegal types of porn, and creating a its own captive and huge search and advertising […]

When Spyware gets Bad: What to do when you can’t do anything

[ad name=”new”] Sometimes spyware gets so bad, it’s hard to do anything. You can’t go online and download Malwarebytes or Spybot or any anti-spyware (see this post), because your browser–that is, your Internet Explorer or Firefox–is hijacked and redirected and won’t let you go anywhere of use and certainly won’t let you download anything. So […]

Free Anti-Spyware Programs and Tools

[ad name=”new”] People often think that if they have an antivirus software such as Norton they are safe against malware. This is a dangerous misconception that creates a lot of work (and $!!!) for techies like Ms. Ducktoes. Most anti-virus programs fight only viruses and provide very poor protection for the increasingly dangerous and sophisticated […]