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Ducktoes Remote Computer Repair Services

Wherever you are, we’re here for you with Remote Computer Repair

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We can connect with your computer remotely and fix your computer from our shop in Calgary, Alberta Canada no matter where you are, safely, and only with your permission. If you have a working internet connection we can do many fixes remotely. We can do virus removal, system optimization, driver repairs, software glitches repair, and many other repairs.

We will quickly and efficiently fix your computer, no matter where you are. We have clients in Montreal, Pasadena, Seattle, Longview, Alberta, the Artic Circle, and even Paris, France. We can also do remote repairs for Calgarians if you can’t make it to our shop.

You’ll get the Ducktoes guarantee of safe, discreet, and 100% secure computer repair services.

Call (403) 219-3031. Our hours are Monday through Thursday from 10 am until 6 pm and Friday from 10 am to 5 pm.

After calling, please click here for our remote support tool.

Why Should You Choose Ducktoes Computer Services for Remote Computer Repair?

We are brimming with expertise and friendliness.
We are both computer people and people people. We have the expertise your computer needs and the social skills and warmth that you need. We genuinely like all kinds of people and computers. We are professional too.

We’re experts. With experience. We have tons of it. We have the experience and training to fix pretty much anything with your computer. Software or hardware, Mac or PC – we do it all. Remotely, we can fix anything related to software or viruses as long as you have an internet connection.

Book your remote computer repair and support online or call now (403) 219-3031 ext. 2.

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Our address:
Ducktoes Computer Services (formerly Dawsons)

902 Centre Street N
Calgary, Alberta T2E 2P7
Free parking on the south side of the building.
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Our Phone:
(403) 219-3031 extention 2.