How to Maintain your Computer – Free Class

  [ad name=”new”] At Ducktoes, we offer free classes once in awhile.  On Thurdsay, June 5 at 6:30 pm, we are offering a free class on How to Clean up and Maintain your Computer.  You’ll learn tips and skills on computer maintenance and repair that will save you in computer repair costs. How to clean […]

Learn How to Type Faster with Games

Everyone should know how to type. Not knowing impacts both your fun and work on a computer. Everything takes longer. Writing emails, messaging, filling-in forms, and most of what you do on-line or on the computer is slower. In fact, all tasks and projects take longer. You get less done. That is why you should […]

Free Class at Ducktoes

I’ve noticed that too many clients lose their files because they don’t back up their hard drives.  So we’re offering a free class in how to back up your hard drive on April 30 at 7:30 pm.  Sign up here. Our address is: Ducktoes Computer Services 902 Centre St. N Calgary, Alberta 403-219-3031