Avira Launches New Rescue Kit

[ad name=”new”] According to Marketwatch, German anti-virus and security company Avira has launched a new rescue kit to help people recover from viruses.  It is free to use everyone, you don’t have to be an Avira subscriber.  We’ll trying it out at Ducktoes this week. Here’s a link to Avira’s site. Author: by Cathie Dunklee-Donnell

How to Remove the Cybercrime Ukash Virus

[ad name=”new”] Unfortunately, the Cybercrime or Ukash virus is still with us. We just had another couple of computers at the shop come in infected with it. If you live in the Calgary area, bring your computer into our Calgary computer repair shop and we’ll fix it for you tout de suite. If you don’t […]

Best Anti-Viruses Revisited

[ad name=”new”] Since I wrote the last post, the newest virus bulletin is now out with the newest comparatives, this time for Windows 8. And the best is again Coranti, but the second best is Avira Personal Version which, remarkably, did better than the professional. Zeobit is still up there too. More recently, I found […]