How to Get Your Question Mark Back

People often ask me how they can get their question mark back.  The first time or two, I didn’t know what they meant. But now, so many people have asked, I know they mean that every time they try to type a question mark they are getting an é instead.  They don`t know how to […]

Try Canned Air to Prevent Computer Repair

Yes, we want your business.  No, canned air is not good for our business because it prevents a lot of issues that keep your desktop out of the computer shop.  It probably doesn’t make sense for us to sell canned air and, if we really wanted more business, we should probably go around and buy […]

How to Listen to Free Music

Here’s a wonderful website that allows you to listen to free music on your computer over the internet.  It is called Jango.  You can even choose the kind of music or the artist.  Right now for instance you can listen to Christmas music and even choose from several varieties.  There are also apps for your […]

What Specs you Need in a New Computer

[ad name=”new”] Wondering what specs you’ll need in a new computer?  I found an excellent blog post by a computer repair shop owner in San Diego on just that. Here is the link. It is more like an article than a post.

What Free Antivirus I Recommend

[ad name=”new”] I’m often asked what free anti-virus I recommend. Unfortunately no one anti-virus can remove all viruses. In our Calgary computer repair shop we use many different ones and each finds different infections. Some that we use are AVG, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky, Dr. Web Cure-it, E-set online and off, among others. If we relied […]

How to Clean Your LCD Computer or Laptop Screen (And not Break the Bank.)

[ad name=”new”] You’ll need: 1. A really, really soft cloth, think baby’s bum. 2. A small spray bottle 3. Isopropyl alcohol It’s very easy. Just mix the alcohol with water in a 50% solution. Turn off the monitor and unplug it from the power source. Spray your water/alcohol on the cloth and wipe the monitor. […]

Turn Your Computer Off

[ad name=”new”] Last night a business owner had a severe problem with his laptop. So I made a quick after hours stop at his business. He’d lost all of his icons from his desktop and the computer was unresponsive. The problem turned out to be that he hadn’t turned off his laptop for several weeks. […]

Don’t Leave your Laptop at Airport Security

[ad name=”new”] 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports every week most at airport security, according to a report published Monday. A study published by the Ponemon Institute and Dell Computer, reports 12,000 laptops are lost in airports each week. The study surveyed 800 business travelers and 106 major U.S. airports for their findings. 70 […]

Top Eight Ways to See More of your Computer Repair Tech

[ad name=”new”] Here are the top eight ways to make sure your computer goes into the shop on a frequent basis: 1. Use P2Ps like Limewire. You’ll be on a network of thousands of computers and will get a lot of viruses quickly. Some of the viruses will not be discovered by your anti-virus if […]

How to Prevent the USB Worm

[ad name=”new”] There’s a new USB worm about. It loads on your computer when you stick an infected USB drive (Flash memory drive) into a USB port or an infected CD into the CD drive. Since it installs through the Autorun function on Windows, this type of worm is easy to prevent. Simply turn off […]