How to Get Your Question Mark Back

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questionmarkkey1People often ask me how they can get their question mark back.  The first time or two, I didn’t know what they meant. But now, so many people have asked, I know they mean that every time they try to type a question mark they are getting an é instead.  They don`t know how to get the question mark back.

Sometimes, if you live in Canada, or have a computer that has the capacity for both English and French language keyboards, you might toggle to the French keyboard accidentally or vice versa.  If that happens, how do you get rid of the é and get the question mark back?   Or if you want to use the é, how do you get it instead of the question mark?

All you have to do is hit Ctrl and Shift.  Hold the Ctrl key down first, then the Shift, keeping them both down at the same time.  Sometimes you have to do this twice or hold the two keys for several seconds.  You should be back at your normal keyboard.

For other tech tips or help consider Ducktoes Computer Services.

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Try Canned Air to Prevent Computer Repair

Yes, we want your business.  No, canned air is not good for our business because it prevents a lot of issues that keep your desktop out of the computer shop.  It probably doesn’t make sense for us to sell canned air and, if we really wanted more business, we should probably go around and buy up all the cans everywhere in Calgary.  Then computers would be coming in, in droves.

Actually this is not necessary because most people don’t clean out their computers.  Many look like the below photo.

Electronic payments in the dust.

We do sell canned air because part of what we do is help you learn to maintain your computer and prevent unnecessary trips to the computer shop. We find this better business than buying up canned air everywhere.

If your desktop computer is too hot and you’re thinking of taking it into the computer shop, try opening it up and spraying out the dust with canned air first.  This can make a dramatic difference.  Clogged fans are not very effective since the cooling air can not circulate throughout the desktop.  The heat is trapped inside.  The processor can overheat as well as the video card.  This can mean costly hardware replacements.  Even the hard drives can get too hot.  Sometimes dust can burn out a power supply.  This prevents the computer from powering on.

Cleaning out your computer once in awhile is a really good maintenance measure and can forestall a lot of problems.   Canned air can prevent costly computer repair .  It”s a good idea to take the computer outside to spray instead of blowing all that dust around your house or business.  We sell canned air at Ducktoes. If you don’t want to clean your computer yourself, we can do that for you too.  We often do it as part of computer repair job,  as a courtesy.


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How to Listen to Free Music

We can help you find free music.

We can help you find free music.

Here’s a wonderful website that allows you to listen to free music on your computer over the internet.  It is called Jango.  You can even choose the kind of music or the artist.  Right now for instance you can listen to Christmas music and even choose from several varieties.  There are also apps for your android or iphone so you can also listen to Jango in the car.

You can listen to different stations like music from the 80’s or Country or Indie.  You can also make up your own radio station with all your favorites.

Here is the site:

Other sites are CBC music webpage,, and Yahoo music.

I’ll add to this list as I find them.

If you want help listening to music on your computer, Ducktoes can help.  We can give advice over the phone or come into your computer remotely, or show you at the shop.  Come and see us or call us anytime.

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What Free Antivirus I Recommend

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What Anti-virus do we use in our computer repair shop?

Computer Virus Removal

I’m often asked what free anti-virus I recommend.

Unfortunately no one anti-virus can remove all viruses. In our Calgary computer repair shop we use many different ones and each finds different infections. Some that we use are AVG, Avira, Avast, Kaspersky, Dr. Web Cure-it, E-set online and off, among others. If we relied on only one, we wouldn’t be able to do an adequate job of fixing computers. So it rankles when an anti-virus company wants to be the only one used by people. It’s not realistic and would mean that a lot more computers would have to be reformatted to get cleaned.

If you’re asking which one I think you should keep resident on your computer, I like both Avira and AVG best. Both are really good at catching viruses. Google (search on Google for) either one and find the result that includes “” in its address. I recommend both Avira and AVG. Of course, I don’t mean both at once. I mean choose one of the two.

I used to prefer AVG over Avira until AVG stopped working with Combofix of Bleeping Computers. I loved AVG and put it on every computer in close proximity. I liked AVG better because of its easier user interface. Being “easier” meant more effective, because people were able to use it more effectively. Now I prefer Avira since you don’t have to uninstall it to run Combofix, which is, unfortunately, the only solution sometimes to an infected computer.

By the way, whoever the creator of Combofix is, whoever sUBS is, he ought to receive knighthood or hero-hood for the amount of computers he saves on a daily or even an hourly basis, and for which he does not even receive payment. He really makes a huge difference in people’s lives without much recognition or money. I respect him enormously and hope he lives a long time because we will be all be sunk without him.

Only people who are experienced techs should use Combofix, however. Very, very occasionally it will cause a computer to stop booting and if this happens and you don’t know how to undo the changes it makes, you may have to reinstall Windows.

Both AVG and Avira ought to take note, their new default of having scheduled scans disabled upon install is dangerous. Many people think they are protected when they are not. If you have Avira or AVG make sure they’re scanning on a daily basis.

If you have a virus and live in Calgary, come to our Virus Removal Lab and will be able to help you out without losing your data or programs or even changing your computer except to speed it up. We would love to see you.

PS. We enjoy all kinds of people and computers and viruses…and aren’t judgmental.[ad]

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