Electronic Devices We Repair

Electronic Devices We Repair

Electronics Repair in Calgary

Some places don’t fix much. Some places tell you to buy new. At Ducktoes, we take pride in our Calgary electronics repair. We can fix most any device, from this decade or not, from this century or not. Sustainable computer, laptop, and smart phone repair practices are an important aspect of what we do, but we also fix the weird, rare, and old stuff. Let’s go through a list!

Electronics we Repair

  1. Smart Phones – We fix them. From all the major companies. Ducktoes Calgary smart phone repair team can get your phone working again.


  2. Car electronics – We work with car dealerships as well as regular people to fix car computer systems. So give us a call and our Ducktoes electronics repair techs are ready to tell you the next steps!
  3. Smart TVs – Even our TVs are computers these days, because someone thought that was a good idea. So our Calgary electronics repair team can fix your smart TV!


  4. Gaming systems – Old, new. Handheld or not. We fix your gaming systems at Ducktoes. Our Calgary gaming console repair team can get things up and running again on your vintage console or your brand new top of the line machine. Give us a call!
  5. Out of date treasures – At Ducktoes, we understand the value of nostalgia and the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to”. So our Ducktoes electronics repair team is available to fix your vintage favorites. Whether it is a boombox you still carry on your shoulder to a walkman because of it’s superior sound quality to a radio because you hate having to pick your music. We will take a look and help you out! Give us a call from your landline today and we will answer you on ours!


    Wow, what a fun list! Thanks for spending some time on Ducktoes blog today! As you can see, Calgary electronics repair is our passion. We are here to help you get your electronics up and running again. So save our number! Give us a call!