Laptop Sale at Ducktoes

We’re having a sale on laptops, both new and used, so hurry in before they’re gone. Ducktoes Computer Services 902 Centre St. N Calgary, AB 403-219-3031

Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is difficult since since the laptops can be difficult to open.  The plastic gets brittle and tends to snap or disintegrate, the cables and connectors can break or short out, pins on connectors can bend.  Also it is difficult to get parts.  New parts from the manufacturers are expensive, used parts can be difficult to […]

Hard Drives are Flimsy

[ad name=”new”] I can’t say this often enough. Hard drives are vulnerable and flimsy. They are the most common piece of hardware to go bad, so you, a computer owner, are under constant threat of losing your data. So never, ever, go without backing up your data. You can not rely on your hard drive! […]

Don’t Leave your Laptop at Airport Security

[ad name=”new”] 12,000 laptops are lost in U.S. airports every week most at airport security, according to a report published Monday. A study published by the Ponemon Institute and Dell Computer, reports 12,000 laptops are lost in airports each week. The study surveyed 800 business travelers and 106 major U.S. airports for their findings. 70 […]