5500 Porn Users Blackmailed by Virus

[ad name=”new”] Be careful if you don’t want your web habits broadcast online for all to see. Tighten up your computer virus security, and don’t download “free” music and games, and don’t rely on Norton or McAfee to save you. The BBC reports that a new kind of spyware infects computers using p2ps and file-share […]

Free Anti-Spyware Programs and Tools

[ad name=”new”] People often think that if they have an antivirus software such as Norton they are safe against malware. This is a dangerous misconception that creates a lot of work (and $!!!) for techies like Ms. Ducktoes. Most anti-virus programs fight only viruses and provide very poor protection for the increasingly dangerous and sophisticated […]

The Difference between Spyware and Viruses

[ad name=”new”] “What’s the difference is between spyware and viruses?” people often ask. A virus is vandalism. Or rather self-perpetuating vandalism. it doesn’t really do anything for anyone, including it’s creators. No one makes money on viruses. A virus just breaks into a computer and makes a big mess. It writes grafitti of code all […]

And the Answers Are …

[ad name=”new”] Clients and friends (a recent one is my friend Joyce) often ask me three questions, “(1)Just who are these people who spend their time creating malware and spyware?” And this is usually followed quickly by, (2)”Don’t they have anything better to do?‚”and “(3)Why do they do it?” Now, after a recent article in […]

Dangers of Computer Pornography

Pornography can be an addiction. It is also a multi-billion dollar big business. Pornographers are always trying to find new recruits online. Hoping to suck in more and more customers, they use adware, spyware, and malware to serve pornography to unsuspecting computer users and entice them into their expensive boudoir. One way they do this […]

Porn Netbot

A couple of months ago, I came across a pornography netbot. It was exciting–and scary–to see. Right here in Calgary a computer on was on an illegal botnet. Without my client’s knowledge or permission, her computer had turned into a zombie. It was serving pornography to the netbot’s customers at the expense of my client. […]