Coming Soon to a Desktop Near You, the Start Menu

[ad name=”new”] Hey all of you haters of Windows 8, pining for your start menu, guess what? Microsoft has listened. The big date for the return of the Start Menu is April 8th. Notoriously missing from previous versions of Windows 8, it will coming on that date as an update. The start menu will be […]

My Dad’s Opinion of Windows 8

This is my dad in front of his nine-year-old XP machine, while his brand-new Windows 8 machine sits on the next desk. When my dad’s old computer died, he bought a new computer, which, unfortunately, came with Windows 8. He hated it, he missed his Outlook Express and how he could get around the operating […]

Windows 8 is Born, Missing a Limb, the Start Button!

Windows 8 is now with us!!!  It debuted this week and seems to be very different than previous versions of Windows.  So there definitely will be a learning curve for newbies or not-so-techie people. For one thing, there’s no start button or menu which seems to be the number one complaint I’m hearing, so it’s […]