If Microsoft Calls, Hang Up – Part 2

[ad name=”new”] Microsoft doesn’t call people. Well, that’s not totally accurate, I’m sure they call people they are doing business with, but they don’t call ordinary people and tell them they have viruses on their computer. Not ever. They never show them the error logs in adminstrative tools and then ask for a credit card […]

No Encryption Virus Yet

[ad name=”new”] Luckily we haven’t seen the encryption virus Crytolocker on a client computer in our Calgary repair shop yet. I hope we never do. This ransomware will encrypt your entire hard drive so you lose all your photos, data, and documents if you don’t pay the criminals the unencryption fee. I think the fee is […]

The Worst Virus Ever: Cryptolocker

[ad name=”new”] Be aware there is a new virus called Cryptolocker that usually comes in through an executable attached to an email, usually about a parcel delivery. Do not open the attachment. It can come in other ways too, through a botnet if you’re already infected with another virus. The virus will encrypt your files […]

“Click Here to Read this Message” Hotmail and MSN Virus

[ad name=”new”] I’ve gotten this infected email four times, including one from my sister, and one from my sister-in-law. All four came from Hotmail or MSN accounts so I assume it’s a Hotmail/MSN virus. The message looks like this or something similiar.  This is the one from my sister: And the one from my sister-in-law […]

Did you Fall for this Scam? You may be Entitled to a Refund.

[ad name=”new”]  According to the LA Times, victims of the Winfixer, Drive Cleaner and Antivirus XP scam are entitled to a refund.  See here.  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/money_co/2011/12/scam-watch-computer-virus-warning-ponzi-scheme-fake-bbb-email.html. If you fall for any other anti-virus scams or have a Rogue Anti-virus or Rogue Anti-Spyware, we can help at our Calgary Virus Removal lab.

This Phish will Bite your Butt

[ad name=”new”] Here’s a youtube video from Sophos that shows how you can get infected from a Google Ad advertising Norton.  Note how on the fake Norton website the colors are yellow like Norton Antivirus or Symantec, but there’s no real name, only the word “Anti-virus,” a clue you’re not getting the real deal, but […]

If Microsoft Calls, Hang Up

[ad name=”new”] Many new Ducktoes clients have been victims of a phone scam where a caller from outside of Canada claims to be from Microsoft. The friendly and helpful caller convinces the client their computer is infected with viruses.  He sympathizes  and earns their trust.  And then persuades them to give him access to their […]

Be Careful when Downloading AVG from Google

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] I like AVG…no bones about it. And I recommend it to my clients because it’s easy to use and it’s reliable and now with version 9.0 it’s also faster again. On the comparative tests at Virus.gr, AVG Free removed 97% of the viruses. I have clients–with teenage sons— who used to hire […]

Virus Alert: P2Ps Spreading Dangerous Virus called Virut

[ad name=”new”] The worst virus I’ve ever seen is now making its way through Bit Torrent and Limewire and other file sharing programs. It’s called Virut. And once you have it it’s pretty much game over and time for a clean install. You’re done. At least you’re operating system is kaput. So if I were […]

Downandup or Conficker USB Worm Prevention and Removal

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes is really busy removing spyware and replacing power supplies today, but I’ve noticed an influx of this new worm. So I thought I should warn you. It’s called the Downandup/Conficker worm. Millions of computers are infected. To avoid getting it, turn off Autoruns on your computer. Click here to learn how […]