How to Listen to Free Music

Here’s a wonderful website that allows you to listen to free music on your computer over the internet.  It is called Jango.  You can even choose the kind of music or the artist.  Right now for instance you can listen to Christmas music and even choose from several varieties.  There are also apps for your […]

Bleeping Computer: Top Notch Site

[ad name=”new”] Bleeping Computer is a wonderful site, run by dedicated, intelligent, and knowledgeable volunteers. Excuse my colloquialism, which probably also dates me, but it blows me away. The volunteers at Bleeping Computer help people with computer problems for free and have tons of helpful and interesting content on their site, for both the newbie […]

Cool, New Uses for Google from Lifehacker

I just found a great post on Lifehacker that tells little known but helpful uses for Google, like finding flight information by putting in an airline and flight number. Don’t know when your friend’s flight is coming in? Just put in the airline and flight number. Also you can easily convert currencies and find out […]

Check out this Wonderful Website:

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] I found a great site with all sorts of information about viruses and antiviruses called The website is from Greece and among many other valuable resources has free virus scans and comparative tests that rank antivirus programs. Click here for a link to the free virus scans and programs. According to […]