How to Uninstall Mcafee When it won't Uninstall

[ad name=”new”] I’ve had to uninstall Mcafee Anti-virus products several times in the last week or so. People have let their licenses expire but that doesn’t keep the the anti-virus from running in the background and using up tons of resources. And when I try to remove it the usual way, by going to Start>Control […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part One: Clean up the Hard Drive

[ad name=”new”] What if your computer doesn’t have spyware or viruses, but it is still way too slow? This blog’s for you. The first thing I do to speed up a computer, is clean up the hard drive. If your hard drive has no room to run swap files, this can significantly slow down your […]

No, no Norton!!

[ad name=”new”] Norton slows down your computer like there’s no tomorrow, since tomorrow’s how long it takes to do anything on your computer once it’s installed. Before you install Norton, read these user reviews on PC Magazine’s website:,2704,2024081,00.asp#member_rating There are effective anti-spyware and anti-virus tools that don’t hog all the resources of your computer. […]

Stay away from Norton and McCaffee Internet Security

I’ve seen time and time again, client computers running too slowly with Norton or McCaffee Internet Security. Computers with these programs can take an eternity to boot, an eternity to start Word or go on the Internet, an eternity and a half to restart or shut down, an until-hell-freezes-over to do almost everything. And I’ve […]