High Speed SSDs

If you’d like your computer to be really fast and already have added ram and optimized, you should consider switching to an SSD.  SSDs are solid state drives. They are faster than conventional drives because they don’t have moving parts.  A regular drive has several platters that spin at high speed and your computer’s speed […]

Want Speed? Get a Solid State Drive.

Want a faster computer?  Get a solid state hard drive.  This Ars Technica blog post about solid state drives is fascinating. http://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2012/06/inside-the-ssd-revolution-how-solid-state-disks-really-work/

Hard Drives Underwater in Thailand

[ad name=”new”]  If you haven’t heard, Ms. Ducktoes will have to break the news to you.  Sit down and get out your hankies.  It’s a sad story. In Thailand there’s a flood and, sinking like metallic stones in the floodwaters, are oodles of hard drives.   Thailand, it turns out, produces many of the world’s hard […]

Hard Drives are Flimsy

[ad name=”new”] I can’t say this often enough. Hard drives are vulnerable and flimsy. They are the most common piece of hardware to go bad, so you, a computer owner, are under constant threat of losing your data. So never, ever, go without backing up your data. You can not rely on your hard drive! […]

A Good Hard Drive is Hard to Find – Part 2

[ad name=”new”] I’ve just found an article by consumersearch that compares external hard drives. Their top pick is a LaCie d2 Quadra. http://www.consumersearch.com/external-hard-drives I like how on this site, there is a wealth of information on all these different review sites. On Amazon.com, customers prefer another Western Digital. I’m leaning toward Western Digitals, now, but […]

A Good Hard Drive is Hard Too Find

[ad name=”new”] I’ve been researching hard drives for my computer repair business. The results I’ve found so far seem to review performance and quality. I’d like to find research that compares drives for reliability and longevity but haven’t found many answers in that regard. I did find out that hard drives are designed to last […]