iMac Fan Goes Hyper-Speed

[ad name=”new”]     If you’ve upgraded your iMac’s hard drive lately, or replaced it when it went bad, I bet you were surprised to find that after the install, the fan went into hyper-speed and never, ever stopped again.   Wheee.  That happened recently to client’s computer.  Their hard drive went bad, and we […]

avast! Antivirus for Macs

[ad name=”new”] In December, Apple announced that Mac users should install anti-virus protection, but since then, they’ve withdrawn the story. However, it makes sense, as more people buy Macs, the more virus creators will create malware for Apples. So if you own an Apple computer, a little precaution is advised. Here is a link to […]

Anti-spyware for Macs

[ad name=”new”] Finally a Mac anti-spyware. Macscan. I know many Mac users think you don’t need anti-virus or anti-spyware, but it really isn’t wise to go without. There is malware out there designed for Apple machines. Click here to check Macscan out. I am going to test it on my Mac too. Here is an […]

Where is Free Spyware Removal for Macs?

[ad name=”new”] I haven’t found what I’m looking for yet: a free anti-spyware for Mac computers. (Yes, it’s true I’m afraid, I use both PC and Mac, for awhile I even dabbled in Linux. I know for those of you in the die-hard polarized-camps of Apple versus PC it’s hard to believe, but, in fact […]