Downandup or Conficker USB Worm Prevention and Removal

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes is really busy removing spyware and replacing power supplies today, but I’ve noticed an influx of this new worm. So I thought I should warn you. It’s called the Downandup/Conficker worm. Millions of computers are infected. To avoid getting it, turn off Autoruns on your computer. Click here to learn how […]

Hallmark Card Virus (Again) and the Evil

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes really feels for the readers whose computers have the Hallmark card virus. So many of you are still coming to this blog for a fix. This has been going on for months. Since so many of you are still getting infected, today I went on-line to do a more research. I […]

Best Free Anti-Spyware of 2008

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] This year Ms. Ducktoes has added more free anti-spyware to our regulars: Spybot and Ad-Aware SE, which have been on our best anti-spyware list for years. At Ducktoes we fight spyware on computers everyday and these are our the most potent and useful. 1. Malwarebytes Our top best free anti-spyware of the […]

When Spyware gets Bad: What to do when you can’t do anything

[ad name=”new”] Sometimes spyware gets so bad, it’s hard to do anything. You can’t go online and download Malwarebytes or Spybot or any anti-spyware (see this post), because your browser–that is, your Internet Explorer or Firefox–is hijacked and redirected and won’t let you go anywhere of use and certainly won’t let you download anything. So […]

A Hallmark Card for Ms. Ducktoes

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes is all aglow because she received a Hallmark Card from a cyber-criminal!! And here it is: But unfortunately, I can’t have a relationship with a man who wants to fill my computer up with spyware and viruses. It just won’t work. Tee, hee. No, really I am excited, my duckies, I’ve […]

Two Hallmark Card Virus Variations

[ad name=”new”] The Hallmark card virus has gone through many variations. According to this wonderful and informative blog post called “Everyone Loves Me” two of the variations are NuWar and Zapchast. These were created by two separate groups of malware creators. Read the post to find out more. Click here. The Zapchast variant downloads directly […]

Be Careful on "Hallmark and Postcard.exe virus removal" Searches

[ad name=”new”] I’m concerned. Today while researching the Hallmark card and postcard.exe virus, I got these results on Google. The highlighted result in the middle leads to a download site for Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009, a rogue Antivirus that is really a deadly virus for your computer. I mean a nasty. So this is the […]

Hallmark Card Virus Fix and Removal

[ad name=”new”] Many, many people are coming to this blog site looking for a fix for the Hallmark card virus. So it’s not a hoax!!! (The hoax part is that the virus will wipe out your hard drive. It doesn’t. But it does make a mess.) The e-mails going out purport to be a link […]

Dangerous New Trend, Serious and Urgent Alert!! Don’t click that link!!

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes is in a flap and a flutter because right now there is a new type of spyware danger that is so new it is causing a bit of havoc and making all of us anti-spyware professionals work overtime. Thousands of computers are infected. Phoney e-mails that purport to be from friends […]

Trojan and Virus Alert! Phoney Hallmark E-card!

[ad name=”new”] Yesterday I received an e-mail purportedly from Hallmark cards telling me a friend had sent me an e-card. I immediately knew it was fake but was surprised that it led not directly to a phish (phoney) website but to a trojan download. So don’t click the link; it’s not from a friend but […]