Cherry Pie Appreciation

Last week our client Susan Goldsmith brought us a cherry pie to thank us for the computer repair we did for her. Yesterday she brought us homemade carrot cake.   I told her in the interest of weight management, we’d no longer be able to fix her computers. No, not really, we love people to […]

How to Remove Viruses Manually

[ad name=”new”] It takes a few weeks for antivirus companies to discover new viruses and develop defenses and definitions against them. In the meantime those viruses are running in the wild. There are ways to remove viruses manually without antivirus programs. One is using Process Explorer an application from Sysinternals. I learn new techniques for […]

Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is difficult since since the laptops can be difficult to open.  The plastic gets brittle and tends to snap or disintegrate, the cables and connectors can break or short out, pins on connectors can bend.  Also it is difficult to get parts.  New parts from the manufacturers are expensive, used parts can be difficult to […]

Mother’s Day Discount for Computer Repair

[ad name=”new”] This week all women who mention this post or our Facebook post, will get a $10 discount for computer repair and service. Happy Mother’s Day from Ducktoes!!!

iMac Fan Goes Hyper-Speed

[ad name=”new”]     If you’ve upgraded your iMac’s hard drive lately, or replaced it when it went bad, I bet you were surprised to find that after the install, the fan went into hyper-speed and never, ever stopped again.   Wheee.  That happened recently to client’s computer.  Their hard drive went bad, and we […]

Don’t Skimp on Computer Parts

[ad name=”new”] Last summer while visiting my dad, I fixed his XP machine (Compaq Presario) since he was so unhappy with his new Windows 8 computer. See that story here. This visit, six months later, the XP computer wasn’t working again. It had no power. So to repair it, I replaced the power supply and […]

Highest-Calibre Computer Repair Possible

A Vision of Quality Computer Repair As the owner of Ducktoes Computer Services, I want  to do the best computer repair we know how to do.  Fortunately, I have awesome skilled techs who share this vision.   Yes, Awesome Techs I have hired the most experienced, honest, friendly techs that have come to Ducktoes with […]