Cherry Pie Appreciation

Last week our client Susan Goldsmith brought us a cherry pie to thank us for the computer repair we did for her. Yesterday she brought us homemade carrot cake.

Computer repair client.

I told her in the interest of weight management, we’d no longer be able to fix her computers. No, not really, we love people to drop by the shop for a visit and a cup of coffee or tea, with or without baking.  It is so wonderful to be appreciated. The cherry pie went so fast I almost didn’t get a photo before it was gone.  And if you’re wondering why, I think that foot in the bottom right of the photo belongs to Liz our SEO Calgary coordinator. Unfortunately, I didn’t get evidence of the other feet from the techs downstairs and the web design staff.


Our computer repair department has been extremely busy the last couple of weeks.  We are so grateful that so many Calgarians trust us to repair their computers.

Thank you Susan for being such an awesome client and giving you your business and appreciation.  We appreciate you and our other clients in return.


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How to Remove Viruses Manually

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It takes a few weeks for antivirus companies to discover new viruses and develop defenses and definitions against them. In the meantime those viruses are running in the wild. There are ways to remove viruses manually without antivirus programs. One is using Process Explorer an application from Sysinternals. I learn new techniques for virus removal because viruses are constantly changing.

Here is an excellent talk by Mark Russinovich. Mark is co-creator of the Sysinternals tools and website and now, after Microsoft acquired Sysinternals, is a Tech Fellow for Microsoft.

This talk tells you how to use Process Explorer to remove viruses manually. It will be most helpful to virus removal and computer repair techs or more advanced computer enthusiasts.

If you have viruses or computer problems, Ducktoes can help.  We have a computer repair lab in Calgary, Alberta.  We also do onsite it support and remote support.

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Laptop Repair

Laptop repair is difficult since since the laptops can be difficult to open.  The plastic gets brittle and tends to snap or disintegrate, the cables and connectors can break or short out, pins on connectors can bend.  Also it is difficult to get parts.  New parts from the manufacturers are expensive, used parts can be difficult to come by and require a lot of online research.  It is a risky and time-consuming business but since more and more people have laptops or notebooks, computer repair businesses must offer this service.

Laptop repair tech soldering computer component.

At Ducktoes, we have specialized, highly experienced notebook repair techs.  They know how to open and fix any type of laptop.  They can also solder and replace tiny capacitors and other components.

We fix:

  • Laptop screens
  • Laptop power jacks
  • Laptop keyboards
  • Laptop hinges
  • Other components and cable
  • Memory problems
  • Hard drives

Check out our laptop repair services today.

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iMac Fan Goes Hyper-Speed

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Imac fan goes into hyper-speed.

Imac fan goes into hyper-speed after hard drive replacement.


If you’ve upgraded your iMac’s hard drive lately, or replaced it when it went bad, I bet you were surprised to find that after the install, the fan went into hyper-speed and never, ever stopped again.   Wheee.  That happened recently to client’s computer.  Their hard drive went bad, and we had to replace it.  After the repair all seemed good, but then a few days later the client called. and said the fan was too loud.  I dropped by the client’s business, and not only was the fan really loud, it spun at full speed every single moment, as if it were micmicking a the blades of helicopter about to take off.  I couldn’t figure out why until I researched it in depth on the internet.

Turns out there is either firmware in all Apple-configured hard drives or a heat sensor cord attached to one and if you replace it with an ordinary drive, the fan will go hyper.  iMacs before model 11,3 come with a heat sensor cord and when you replace your hard drive, you need to buy and install a heat sensor cord specific to the type of the new hard drive.  The cord goes from the hard drive to the motherboard.  It will regulate the fan.  Yet with the 11,3 and newer models, Apple stopped using the cords.  Oh no.  I thought I would have to tell the client, their fan would never, ever stop again. It had gone manic and too loud forever.


I found out that there is an answer, however.  You can get software that will regulate the fan  for you.  It is called SMC Fan Control. You can download it here from Cnet’s

So tomorrow I’m remoting into my client’s computer and installing it and getting that fan under contol.

Photo of iMac by  (Notice the cans of Tim Horton’s coffee behind the iMac.  This is obviously a Canadian iMac.)


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