More on Google Docs

[ad name=”new”] Yesterday I mentioned Google Docs as a free alternative to Microsoft Office. All you have to do is sign up for a free Gmail account and you also receive a calendar program and Google docs, among many other free programs. With Google docs you can create and share your online documents, presentations, and […]

Stop! Freeze! Drop that E-mail Attachment!

[ad name=”new”] Whatever you do don’t open it! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting. Ms. Ducktoes has been busy removing tons of malware from computers. On two of them, the clients opened an e-mail attachment that claimed to be from a friend. It was actually a worm working overtime and sending out e-mails from the […]

And the Answers Are …

[ad name=”new”] Clients and friends (a recent one is my friend Joyce) often ask me three questions, “(1)Just who are these people who spend their time creating malware and spyware?” And this is usually followed quickly by, (2)”Don’t they have anything better to do?‚”and “(3)Why do they do it?” Now, after a recent article in […]

More about Phishing

Yesterday, I talked about Phishing, and how to watch out for it. Interestingly enough, today I read in the Virus Bulletin about a US supermarket chain that almost lost 10 million dollars to a phish scam. Read the article here. Everyday I receive phishing e-mails. Today I received one pretending to be from PayPal. They […]

Phishing Lures

Phishing is a scam that comes by e-mail. The e-mail claims to be from a bank or other financial service such as Western Union, Pay Pal, e-Bay, or on-line stock broker. Often it is from an institution where you don’t even have an account, but sometimes, by chance, it’s from a place familiar to you. […]

Is IncrediMail Spyware?

I’ve always thought and heard (from other techies mostly) that IncrediMail was spyware, but after listening to the couple of ardent Incredimail fans among my clients, I am reconsidering the assumption. IncrediMail users really love this e-mail program; they love it so much they don’t care if it is spyware, they can live with it, […]