New Website for Evolve – We’re Really Proud of This One

Evolve Kitchens approached us a while ago looking to build a new website that was optimized to rank the second it launched.  It is always a fun challenge to integrate the culture of a company into a website, and Evolve made it easy with a wonderful body of work to draw from. Their gallery of kitchen […]

Mobile Friendly Strategies for your Webpages

Intro: Mobile Friendly  Strategies for your Webpages by Joshua Van Oosten – Web Developer at Ducktoes Computer Services It has never been more important to ensure a mobile friendly view of your webpages that is usable on any size screen with the growing number of people surfing the web on smart phones, tablets, TV’s and […]

New Web Design: Oil Spill Group

[ad name=”new”] Here’s our newest web design for an oil spill preparedness group in Saskatchewan. It is a straight-forward informational site for their members. Need more information on our web design services? Click here.

How to Attract People to your Website

[ad name=”new”] To attract people to your website you need one or more of the following: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Advertising Referrals (Word of Mouth) A Great Website Search Engine Optimization You need search engine optimization to increase your rankings in search results.  Otherwise no one can find you.  The most important ingredient of SEO is having great content […]

Announcing New Website Design

[ad name=”new”] We’ve just finished designing another new website, this one for our client Clauson’s Cold and Cooler Ltd. Their old website was over 12 years old and quite dated looking. I wanted a new look in keeping with the companies very active and successful business. I wanted to show the company in day-to-day operation. […]

Where to Learn Web Design Online

[ad name=”new”] People often ask me how they can learn web design so they can create their own websites. While learning web design is not something you can pick up in a couple of hours or even months,  as with almost any skill, you can learn it with much persistence and practice. Several good websites […]

A Super Website for Superyards

[ad name=”new”] Here’s another new website design, well, actually more newish than new, that I want to show off to you. It’s for our client Superyards. Superyards is a small, local Calgary lawn care and snow removal company. Besides lawn care and snow removal, they also do litter removal, weed control, and yard maintenance for […]