How to Remove the Cybercrime Ukash Virus

[ad name=”new”] Unfortunately, the Cybercrime or Ukash virus is still with us. We just had another couple of computers at the shop come in infected with it. If you live in the Calgary area, bring your computer into our Calgary computer repair shop and we’ll fix it for you tout de suite. If you don’t […]

Good Sites for Techs

[ad name=”new”] I’ve mentioned Technibble before. It’s my favorite site for computer techs, especially those starting a computer repair business. But today I’ve found a new site for new techs called Emerging Techs. It has some good tips for both new and more established techs. Other people besides techies who want to know more about […]

How to Remove Spyware and Viruses Manually with Process Explorer

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Here’s a wonderful training video on how to use Process Explorer to remove viruses manually. It’s more for computer technicians than regular computer users, but I’ve found it helpful in removing the more difficult viruses. You’ll find out how to use the Process Explorer and other Sysinternals tools to identify malware infections, […]

How to Prevent the USB Worm

[ad name=”new”] There’s a new USB worm about. It loads on your computer when you stick an infected USB drive (Flash memory drive) into a USB port or an infected CD into the CD drive. Since it installs through the Autorun function on Windows, this type of worm is easy to prevent. Simply turn off […]

When Spyware gets Bad: What to do when you can’t do anything

[ad name=”new”] Sometimes spyware gets so bad, it’s hard to do anything. You can’t go online and download Malwarebytes or Spybot or any anti-spyware (see this post), because your browser–that is, your Internet Explorer or Firefox–is hijacked and redirected and won’t let you go anywhere of use and certainly won’t let you download anything. So […]

Hints for Techies – Take the Computer to the Lab

[ad] There’s no way a tech can remove and clean up all the spyware on a badly infected machine in just a couple of hours. So, if you remove the spyware on-site, you end up having to charge a lot to remove a little. It’s better to take the machine “to the lab,” and run […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part Five: Clean the Registry

[ad name=”new”] This is Part Five of a five part series about how to speed up your computer. Here are the other four posts. Why should you clean the registry? The registry is a listing of all the settings and options in Windows. They are listed in the form of “keys”. When the registry gets […]

Anti-spyware Hints for Techies: Editing the Registry

Sometimes as techies, we want to keep programs from running at startup. This helps get rid of spyware that is running in memory. Once stopped, we can eliminate malware with Spybot, for instance, without running Spybot again on reboot, which is time-consuming. Also techies often are asked by clients to speed up old computers or […]

The Coolest Site EVER

[ad name=”ad-2″] Oh my gosh am I excited. I just found a site that has everything you need to defend your computer and much, much more. And all free, free, free. It’s called The 46 Best-Ever Freeware Utilities, by Gizmo. Don’t spend all day there, just bookmark and come back over and over. Or sign […]