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Electronic Devices We Repair

Electronics Repair in Calgary

Some places don’t fix much. Some places tell you to buy new. At Ducktoes, we take pride in our Calgary electronics repair. We can fix most any device, from this decade or not, from this century or not. Sustainable computer, laptop, and smart phone repair practices are an important aspect of what we do, but we also fix the weird, rare, and old stuff. Let’s go through a list!

Electronics we Repair

  1. Smart Phones – We fix them. From all the major companies. Ducktoes Calgary smart phone repair team can get your phone working again.


  2. Car electronics – We work with car dealerships as well as regular people to fix car computer systems. So give us a call and our Ducktoes electronics repair techs are ready to tell you the next steps!
  3. Smart TVs – Even our TVs are computers these days, because someone thought that was a good idea. So our Calgary electronics repair team can fix your smart TV!


  4. Gaming systems – Old, new. Handheld or not. We fix your gaming systems at Ducktoes. Our Calgary gaming console repair team can get things up and running again on your vintage console or your brand new top of the line machine. Give us a call!
  5. Out of date treasures – At Ducktoes, we understand the value of nostalgia and the phrase “they don’t make them like they used to”. So our Ducktoes electronics repair team is available to fix your vintage favorites. Whether it is a boombox you still carry on your shoulder to a walkman because of it’s superior sound quality to a radio because you hate having to pick your music. We will take a look and help you out! Give us a call from your landline today and we will answer you on ours!


    Wow, what a fun list! Thanks for spending some time on Ducktoes blog today! As you can see, Calgary electronics repair is our passion. We are here to help you get your electronics up and running again. So save our number! Give us a call!

Privacy in the Technological Age

Ducktoes Repair Team

Protecting your Private Data

Privacy can be in short supply these days. Our world is more connected than ever but that connection comes with the risk of your private information being compromised or your private matters being exposed to others. At Ducktoes, we take your privacy very seriously, whether you are a Calgary computer repair client, Calgary web design client or Calgary search engine optimization (SEO) client, we are careful and confidential when handling anything that belongs to you. We are also here to help you secure your data when your private information is compromised through hacking or phishing.

Privacy Threat: Computer viruses

One way your privacy can be compromised is through computer viruses. Yes, those pesky viruses are still around. When you bring in your computer for virus removal our Calgary virus removal techs will work to remove the virus while protecting your data and maintaining your privacy. During the entire process, your privacy is our top priority. Our techs remove the viruses without ever looking at your private data. They put safeguards in place to protect your data and your privacy in the future. When you pick up your computer, our techs can give you advice and additional steps to take in order to avoid getting viruses in the future.

Email Threats to your Private Data

Another way your privacy can be compromised is through email threats that demand payment or they will release your private data. It’s important to realize that a scammer’s main weapon is fear. So they probably do not have your data and in almost all cases you can ignore the threat. If you are worried that they do have private information about you, give us a call and we can help sort it out! In all cases, DO NOT send them money. It is not necessary and it does not work.

As we connect more, it’s more we connect with each other in a secure way that maintains your privacy. Our techs are here to help with any technological privacy issues you may come across. Whether you are worried about your data on the cloud, a computer virus or another problem, Ducktoes. Give us a call! Save our number!


Sustainable Calgary Computer Repair

sustainable computer repair for sustainable computing

Sustainable Practices in Calgary Computer Repair

Our world is advancing at an incredible pace thanks to all the new technology available to us. Sustaining that progress through prolonging computer and device lifespan is important. At Ducktoes, sustainable Calgary computer repair experts can fix your device, laptop, or computer so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Hidden Upsides to Computer Repair

Some people will tell you it’s cheaper to buy a new device than fix your old one. This isn’t true, but it is true that sometimes repairs can be costly. However, buying a new computer or device has a lot of hidden costs. What are they? Let’s go over a few!

  1. Time. Time is money and the time it takes to get up to speed on a new device, computer or laptop reduces your productivity. And newer isn’t always better, so if you get things down quickly with your current set up, you might not want to change it up and risk losing that productivity.
  2. Garbage and recycling costs. It takes money and resources to dispose of or recycle electronic devices. These costs may be paid directly by you if you need to pay to dispose of it or indirectly when government costs of disposing and storing waste goes up, raising your taxes.
  3. Improper use. Sometimes computers, laptops, phones and electronic devices in general break from normal wear and tear. The Flames blew a third period lead again, for example. But sometimes it’s from not knowing how to use the device properly. Our techs are highly trained, highly experienced and some would say they are on the nerdy end of the spectrum. So if you can bring in your device to be fixed they can teach you what to do differently so it doesn’t happen again. But if you just buy a new device, it may break too if you don’t know how to use it properly. Costing you substantially more than you would have paid in the end.

So as you can see there’s a lot of reasons to pick repairing your computer, laptop, smart phone, or any other electronic device over getting a new one. It’s the sustainable choice and the less expensive choice. So next time you run into a problem, bring in your device to Calgary computer repair experts, Ducktoes. You’ll be happy you did! Call now!  Save our number! It’s 403-219-3031.

Top 10 Computer Viruses

Virus Removal in Calgary

Ducktoes Staff

Calgary virus removal institution, Ducktoes Computers, is your best bet in Calgary for removing computer viruses without compromising your computer data. Your data deserves to be protected. So, we never overwrite your hard drive except as a last resort. So we use an extensive repair process to get those viruses out.

If you think you have a virus, we highly recommend giving us a call or bringing your computer or laptop into our shop for the best virus removal in Calgary. Also, it’s good to know that Ducktoes provides both remote virus removal and on-site virus removal. So, we are here to help regardless of your situation.

That said, we want all our customers to be informed. So we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 types of computer viruses. Remember, Calgary virus removal experts Ducktoes are here to help with expertise and powerful tools that will get your computer working again. So if you think you’ve gotten one of these viruses, give us a call!

Top Five Viruses

Computer viruses come in various forms, each designed to exploit vulnerabilities in computer systems and networks. Understanding the different types of computer viruses is crucial for effective cybersecurity measures. So, here are ten prominent types:

1. File Infector Viruses: These viruses attach themselves to executable files and replicate when the infected program runs. So, they can spread rapidly through shared files and removable storage devices.

2. Boot Sector Viruses: Boot sector viruses infect the master boot record of storage devices, compromising the boot process. They activate when the infected system boots up, enabling them to spread to other devices.

3. Macro Viruses: Commonly found in documents and spreadsheets, macro viruses infect files containing macros. They execute malicious actions when the infected document is opened, often spreading through email attachments.

4. Polymorphic Viruses: Polymorphic viruses constantly change their code to evade detection by antivirus software. They encrypt their content differently with each infection, making them challenging to identify.

5. Multipartite Viruses: Multipartite viruses combine characteristics of file infectors and boot sector viruses. They infect both executable files and boot sectors, enabling them to spread rapidly through various means.

The Next Top 5

6. Resident Viruses: Resident viruses embed themselves in the system’s memory, allowing them to remain active even after the initial infection source is removed. They can intercept system functions and spread to other files.

7. Direct Action Viruses: Direct action viruses typically target specific files and folders. They activate when the infected file is accessed or executed, often leading to data corruption or system instability.

8. Web Scripting Viruses: These viruses exploit weaknesses in web servers and web apps. They inject harmful scripts into web pages, exposing visitors’ browsers and potentially spreading to other websites.

9. Memory Resident Viruses: Memory resident viruses reside in a computer’s RAM and can infect files as they are accessed or opened. They can remain undetected by traditional antivirus software and pose significant security risks.

10. Worms: While technically not viruses, worms copy themselves to spread across networks and systems independently. They can exploit security weaknesses to infect computers and spread rapidly, causing widespread damage.

Virus Removal and Prevention

Understanding the characteristics and behaviors of these viruses is essential for putting into place effective antivirus measures, maintaining system security, and protecting against potential cyber threats. It’s so important that the Canadian government releases a report on it every year! So vigilance, regular updates, and robust cybersecurity practices are vital for mitigating the risks posed by these malicious programs. Remember, Calgary virus removal experts Ducktoes is here to help you with all of it!

What to do About Emails Threatening to Release your Private Info

Email Threats demanding money: A Common Tactic

Threatening emails demanding money are common. It’s scary when you get an email saying your private information will be disclosed if you don’t pay them $50. In Seattle, University of Washington medical patients were sent emails exactly that. As Calgary computer repair and virus removal experts, Ducktoes has been dealing with these situations for years. So, we get it, it’s really frightening!

But it’s important not to panic and do not pay. At Ducktoes Calgary computer repair, we are happy to walk you through what to do if you give us a call. But here’s a basic overview of what to do when you receive a threatening email demanding money.

Step by Step How To:

Receiving an email threatening to release your private data unless you send money is a concerning situation. So, here’s what you can do:


  1. Don’t Panic: Scammers often use fear tactics to pressure victims into acting impulsively. Take a deep breath and try to remain calm.
  2. Do Not Respond or Engage: Avoid replying to the email or interacting with the sender in any way. Responding to the email may confirm that your email address is active and lead to more spam or scams.
  3. Verify the Threat: Consider whether the email seems legitimate. Scammers often use generic language or make vague threats. If you’re unsure about the authenticity of the threat, contact the organization or individual directly using verified contact information, not information provided in the email.
  4. Check Your Online Accounts: Log in to your online accounts and check for any signs of unusual activity or unauthorized access. Change your passwords for important accounts, especially if you suspect they may have been compromised.
  5. Report the Email: Report the email as spam or phishing to your email provider. Most email services have features to report suspicious emails.
  6. Consider Seeking Help: If you believe your personal data has been compromised or if you’re unsure how to proceed, consider seeking help from a trusted source such as a cybersecurity expert, your organization’s IT department, or local law enforcement.
  7. Update Your Security Measures: Review your security measures, including passwords, privacy settings, and security software, to help protect yourself from potential threats in the future.
  8. Stay Informed: Stay informed about common scams and phishing tactics to recognize and avoid similar threats in the future.

Trust Your Intuition

Remember, legitimate organizations will not threaten to release your private data in exchange for money. If you ever receive such an email, it’s likely a scam, and you should take steps to protect yourself and report the incident to the appropriate authorities.


Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair: Unique and Friendly Expertise

Computer repair is becoming a lost art in the era of disposable electronics that are “cheaper to buy than to fix.” A Calgary computer repair fixture for decades, Ducktoes is unique in our commitment to computer, laptop, and electronics repairs that are sustainable, affordable, and allow you to keep the device you already have. So you can keep your data and as well as the device you love.

A photo of a mother board

Flexible, Thoughtful Computer and Laptop Repair in Calgary

As an independent small business, we are focused on keeping our customers happy rather than bigger companies that will keep trying to upgrade you and sell you more software and devices. We will fix your computer or laptop based on what will make it run better. Our independence allows us to shop around for the best parts for your machine. The expert techs at Ducktoes will perform repairs that other places call unfixable.  PCs, Macs, you name it. All at a reasonable price. We fix laptops, desktops, and servers as well. Ducktoes will work with you to get the job done, no matter how big or small of a job.

We Fix All Kinds of Electronics

An image that says ducktoes can fix your television.

Our techs are nerds. So they love machines and love learning about how they work. They spend their free time doing it too. That’s why they are so good at repairing any kind of electronic you might need repaired. We fix everything from car electronics to gaming consoles to Apple products to old stereos. So our expert techs our eager to help with your Calgary electronics repair!  All at unbeatable prices!

Friendly Customer Service

At Ducktoes, we spend time with each customer to make sure you get what you needed when you came into Ducktoes. Ducktoes is devoted to our customers and their satisfaction. Our positive reviews and great reputation are well earned through going the extra mile for our customers in a friendly and timely way. So come see us next time you need a repair or stop by if you need a custom computer!