Speed up Your Computer with Defrag

[ad name=”new”] A good way to speed up your computer and maintain its performance is to defrag the hard drive. As a hard drive fills up with data, it is harder for the computer to store data sequentially on the drive. The data is scattered among different unused sectors, wherever there is room. Hard drives […]

High Speed SSDs

If you’d like your computer to be really fast and already have added ram and optimized, you should consider switching to an SSD.  SSDs are solid state drives. They are faster than conventional drives because they don’t have moving parts.  A regular drive has several platters that spin at high speed and your computer’s speed […]

Your Computer is Slow

[ad name=”new”] At Ducktoes, we use optimization tools up the ying-yang. One we dream about in our sleep is Auslogics Boost Speed. According to recent reviews, Auslogics speeds up computers by 15 to 20%. The reviewers used PC Mark to measure before and after results. And guess what all? Each computer lost over 20 lbs. […]

Free Defragmentation and other Repair Utilities for your Computer

[ad name=”new”] Last post I promised to recommend some good defragmentation tools to help speed up your computer. So here goes. Defragmentation can make a big difference in hard drive performance and helping a computer stay faster longer. It’s an essential computer repair and hard drive process. I’ve previously explained in an old post what […]

Speed Up Windows 7 and Vista with this Free Tool

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Here’s a tool Windows 7 and Vista users will like. It’ll speed up their computers with a few tweaks: Ultimate Windows Tweaker It seemed to take a good 30 seconds to a minute of boot time off a couple of computers I tried it on. Let me know what you think. Click […]

How to Uninstall Norton

To uninstall Norton or any software, usually you can go to Start > Control Panel> Add and Remove Programs. (This means go to the Start button, then to the Control Panel, then to Add and Remove Programs.) On Vista go to Start>Control Panel>Programs. Sometimes it takes awhile for a list of installed software to appear […]

How to Uninstall Mcafee When it won't Uninstall

[ad name=”new”] I’ve had to uninstall Mcafee Anti-virus products several times in the last week or so. People have let their licenses expire but that doesn’t keep the the anti-virus from running in the background and using up tons of resources. And when I try to remove it the usual way, by going to Start>Control […]

Put in More Ram – Desktop Computers

[ad name=”new”] One of the easiest things to do to increase your computer’s performance is to put in more ram. That’s the computer available to running processes while the computer is turned on. When you have more, your computer can do more, and in less time. All you have to do to put in more […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part 6: Run Checkdisk

[ad name=”new”] Oops, somehow I missed How to Speed Up Your Computer – Part 6. So here it is: Another way to speed up your computer is to run Checkdisk. The process is easy and fun to do (what I think is fun may seem strange to you). But, fun or not, at least this […]

How to Speed up your Computer – Part 7: Turn Off the Indexing Service

[ad name=”new”] The Indexing Service runs constantly, memorizing and making a list of where your files are, so when you search for something, you can find it quickly. The service makes searches faster, but it slows down the rest of your computer. If you have a really fast computer you won’t mind or notice this, […]