More on Safestarts, a Dangerous End

[ad name=”new”] Safestarts is obviously creating a lot havoc out there, since so many people come to this blog searching for relief from its tenacious hold over their computers. Safestarts is scareware and malware. It extorts money from its victims by displaying dire warnings and alerts about finding spyware and adware on the computer. This […]

Safestarts, a Dangerous End

[ad] Many of you are coming to the Ducktoes Spyware blog to find out about Safestarts. It is a rogue anti-spyware site. By rogue I mean anti-spyware that is really spyware itself. You pay Safestarts to protect your system with their Virus Ranger or Antispy Kit or MalwareWar and guess what? You get more spyware!!! […]


[ad] Today I’m removing (from an Acer laptop) a trojan called Win32.Renos. It causes false alerts on the desktop purporting to be from Windows. If you click on the alert, the trojan then downloads a rogue anti-spyware called Win SpyControl, AntiSpy Kit, and Virus Ranger. The alert looks like this or some other warning: The […]