Derek Brown’s Academy Launches Online School

The Best in Calgary Driving Education

For over forty years Derek Brown’s Academy of Driving has provided the best in Calgary driver’s education.  Founded in 1970, the academy has grown to become the largest driving school in Calgary.  With consistently high reviews and customer satisfaction, this growth is no surprise.

Derek Brown’s focus has always been on educating drivers who know the rules of the road thoroughly.  This emphasis on knowledge based driving means that drivers come out of Derek Brown’s courses ready to drive.  Educating competent and defensive drivers is what Derek Brown’s does best.

New Online Course

Now Derek Brown’s is proud to introduce their online driving course for class 5 licenses in Alberta.  This Alberta Motor Transport Association approved class teaches everything contained in our traditional class but in an online format. The only difference is that students can now work at their own pace and from the comfort of their own home.  A dedicated driving instructor supports the student during regular business hours.  The instructor can answer any student questions or concerns.

The online course is comprised of many different modules, quizzes and tests.  There are also video and interactive components for the sake of variety.  Each module has a final exam to test the information given in the module  Everything comes together in a final exam which requires a passing grade of 80%.

After completing the course, students will be more than ready for their Class 5 test.


Signing up is Easy

Signing up for the online course is easy.  First, the student calls the driving school to register for the course.  Second, the school emails a registration link to the student.  Third, the student follows the link to the registration page and enters their information.  Three security questions are required to confirm the student’s identity.  Finally, the student prints off the contract and record of registration and submits them to the academy.  Then the student is ready for full access to the online course.  Click here for more information.


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A cybercriminal hides behind a mask, pretending to be friendly

Beware of Sextortion Blackmail: No One is Watching You Go to Porn Sites

Beware of porn site extortion emails that pretend to have evidence of you getting off at a porn site. They don’t. Please don’t fall for this scam.

Warning: Don’t read this if you don’t like graphic sexual descriptions.

I have received an email over and over again demanding money so that a video of me watching porn will not be released.  It makes me giggle because I don’t go to porn sites. But as the owner of a computer repair business, I know a lot of people occasionally go to them. So what? It’s not something to feel ashamed about or pay a fraudulent person a lot of cash for on bitcoin.

This email has all the markings of a blackmail scam email.  The content of the email is filled with grammatical errors and says the same thing over and over again.  Furthermore, the supposed hacker goes back and forth from trying to be “helpful” and then back to threatening again.  If the overall intent of the email is threatening, don’t buy into the idea that the supposed hacker is trying to just help you out.

Mad young woman worker losing job result on broken pc What is wrong. Anxious angry hispanic female splash hands unable to access database on laptop forgetting password having weak wifi signal. Mad shocked young woman worker losing job result on broken pc angry computer stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

If this supposed hacker had the video he claims he has, then he would not be sending me email threats over and over again (like he has been) and would show me the video as evidence.  Yet, I do not respond and I get this sextortion email over and over again.  I know that I have never been on porn sites, so I know such a video doesn’t exist, but maybe you do go on porn sites from time to time.  I am not here to judge but to help you avoid falling for silly scam tricks like these.

No one is watching you. If they were they would show proof.  They also don’t have access to your email.  They are just good at convincing people they do.

You should never exchange money for a scam email such as this.  The chance that such a video exists is very small, as is the supposed access the cybercriminal has to all of your emails.  If such a video existed, the sextortionist would show it to us.  No, this person obviously is trying to trick us and a lot of other people at the same time.  Even if just a few people fall for the scam, it makes it profitable for the cybercriminal.

Hacker with laptop computer stealing confidential data, personal information and credit card detail. Hacking concept. email scam stock illustrations

Unfortunately, some people who do visit porn sites will likely fall for this sort of scam.  That keeps cybercriminals such as these going.  There will always be some, so it is important to stay vigilant.

To avoid fraud and phishing scams watch out for:

    1. Poor use of English grammar
    2. Repetitive and threatening language
    3. Writing that tries to sound official
    4. Emails that look legitimate but ask for information that legitimate companies would already have.
    5. Emails that ask for a set amount of money to be sent in bitcoin or some other online, anonymous manner.

If you have any doubt, give Ducktoes a shout at 403-219-3031. Or visit our website.

If you have any doubt, give Ducktoes a shout at 403-219-3031. Or visit our website.
These are all red flags to look out for.  Many email scams will not be as obvious as the following email.


You have an outstanding payment. 

From on 2021-10-27 03:26

Hello there!

Unfortunately, there are some bad news for you.
Around several months ago I have obtained access to your devices that you were using to browse internet.
Subsequently, I have proceeded with tracking down internet activities of yours.

Below, is the sequence of past events:
In the past, I have bought access from hackers to numerous email accounts (today, that is a very straightforward task that can be done online).
Clearly, I have effortlessly logged in to email account of yours (

A week after that, I have managed to install Trojan virus to Operating Systems of all your devices that are used for email access.
Actually, that was quite simple (because you were clicking the links in inbox emails).
All smart things are quite straightforward. (>_<)

The software of mine allows me to access to all controllers in your devices, such as video camera, microphone and keyboard.
I have managed to download all your personal data, as well as web browsing history and photos to my servers.
I can access all messengers of yours, as well as emails, social networks, contacts list and even chat history.
My virus unceasingly refreshes its signatures (since it is driver-based), and hereby stays invisible for your antivirus.

So, by now you should already understand the reason why I remained unnoticed until this very moment…

While collecting your information, I have found out that you are also a huge fan of websites for adults.
You truly enjoy checking out porn websites and watching dirty videos, while having a lot of kinky fun.
I have recorded several kinky scenes of yours and montaged some videos, where you reach orgasms while passionately masturbating.

If you still doubt my serious intentions, it only takes couple mouse clicks to share your videos with your friends, relatives and even colleagues.
It is also not a problem for me to allow those vids for access of public as well.
I truly believe, you would not want this to occur, understanding how special are the videos you love watching, (you are clearly aware of that) all that stuff can result in a real disaster for you.

Let’s resolve it like this:
All you need is $1750 USD transfer to my account (bitcoin equivalent based on exchange rate during your transfer), and after the transaction is successful, I will proceed to delete all that kinky stuff without delay.
Afterwards, we can pretend that we have never met before. In addition, I assure you that all the harmful software will be deleted from all your devices. Be sure, I keep my promises.

That is quite a fair deal with a low price, bearing in mind that I have spent a lot of effort to go through your profile and traffic for a long period.
If you are unaware how to buy and send bitcoins – it can be easily fixed by searching all related information online.

Below is bitcoin wallet of mine: 1P8zGx51BpyxEy5jBgr5ugoPXbSgyd7fpw

You are given not more than 48 hours after you have opened this email (2 days to be precise).

Below is the list of actions that you should not attempt doing:

Do not attempt to reply my email (the email in your inbox was created by me together with return address).
Do not attempt to call police or any other security services. Moreover, don’t even think to share this with friends of yours. Once I find that out (make no doubt about it, I can do that effortlessly, bearing in mind that I have full control over all your systems) – the video of yours will become available to public immediately.
Do not attempt to search for me – there is completely no point in that. All cryptocurrency transactions remain anonymous at all times.
Do not attempt reinstalling the OS on devices of yours or get rid of them. It is meaningless too, because all your videos are already available at remote servers.

Below is the list of things you don’t need to be concerned about:

That I will not receive the money you transferred.

– Don’t you worry, I can still track it, after the transaction is successfully completed, because I still monitor all your activities (trojan virus of mine includes a remote-control option, just like TeamViewer).

That I still will make your videos available to public after your money transfer is complete.

– Believe me, it is meaningless for me to keep on making your life complicated. If I indeed wanted to make it happen, it would happen long time ago!

Everything will be carried out based on fairness!

Before I forget…moving forward try not to get involved in this kind of situations anymore!
An advice from me – regularly change all the passwords to your accounts.

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You’re Going to Die

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A Black-masked Hacker Breaking into a Computer

Hacker typing "You're going to die, Jim."

A client was online. She was typing away on an email. Then her computer blue-screened. A message appeared across the screen, “You’re going to die, Jim.”

So immediately her husband called our shop (Ducktoes Computer Repair Shop) and told the tech Jody what had happened. “Awesome,” Jody said.

“There are two Jims in this house,” the husband continued.

“Even more awesome,”  Jody said.

“Not to her, since the Jims are her ten-year-old son and 86-year-old father.”

“I can see that,” Jody said.

The next day, the man brought the computer in and told me the same story. “Cool,” I said.

He told me how Jody had said, “Awesome.” Then he laughed and said, “What is it about Jody and you that you like this?”

I laughed. “Because we’re weird?”

He laughed again. He mentioned the two Jims in the household. “Not so cool,” I said.

We did virus and spyware removal on the computer. It did have some malware and spyware, a password tracker among others. We decided the computer had been hacked.

But then at home later in the week, my husband said this error message appeared on his screen: “He’s dead, Jim.” My husband worried he had a virus. Noting the similarity to what had happened to the woman, I googled the phrase.

And in my next post I’ll tell you what I found out.

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