Facebook Starts a Museum about You!










This is a guest post written by Peter Trigueiro:

If you ever wanted a museum devoted to yourself, your wish has been granted! Facebook’s new timeline allows everyone on your friends list to go through any post you’ve made on Facebook very easily. Whereas before a person would feel their stalker shame build the farther and farther they went back on someone’s wall, now Facebook has organized your wall and made it an easy to navigate timeline.

Not only that, but Facebook will have other events in your life that you weren’t sure you told anyone about listed as events on your timeline. It will know what happened in Vegas and it will tell everyone about it.

Make sure to take the time to manage your timeline to best reflect yourself. That probably means deleting the wall post from 2007 where you and your friend tried to come up with new, improved curse words.

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How to be Funny and Talk about Computers At Once

Lately Ms. Ducktoes is practicing being funny in her blog posts. Nobody seems to notice except her youngest son who actually did laugh out loud while reading the post about
The Hidden, Sexy, Mysterious Other Inbox. And I didn’t even bribe him with a better Christmas present, although Ms. Santa Claus is coming to town soon. Yikes, Christmas is almost here, I better stop trying to be funny and get to the mall.

But it is much more challenging to write about computers and be funny at the same time than just drone on and on in a serious tone.

One way to be funny is to have one character act in an outlandish or funny way and put them up against a straight character who reacts to their silliness. Think of Lucille Ball as funny character and Ricky Ricardo as a straight one. In my blog about hard drives I have Ms. Ducktoes as the silly character, trying to get the parts store clerk to let her buy more than her allotted two drives by putting on a wig and trench coat and the parts store clerk not falling for the disguise.

Another way to be funny is to write in a self-deprecating way, that means make fun of yourself.

Most people coming into the our Calgary computer repair shop need some cheering up. They’re so focused on their computer problems, some are quite anxious. They do need some TLC which we try to provide, actually we do care, and they appreciate it. But lately I’ve also been putting in a promo for my blog, telling them it’ll give them a laugh if they read it. They nod politely.

I also have a Squidoo lens about Computer Repair. Also funny supposedly.

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Get Perpendicular Animation from Hitachi

Here’s an entertaining animation about perpendicular recording on hard drives. It’s from Hitachi’s Global Storage Technology about Hitachi’s new hard drive technology.


And click here to see the Lab Rats video on perpendicular hard drives. You have to download it in the different media types such as Quicktime and Real Player below the short sample of the video.

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How do you get Spyware? By Typing Goggle instead of Google

My clients with spyware or virus infected computers always ask me how they got the infections in the first place. By typing goggle insteasd of google I tell them. By that, I mean they accidentally mis-spell or make a keyboarding error such as typing goggle instead of google, and arrive at a rogue site chock full of nasty viruses.

We techies call that drive by infections. You merely “drive by” the website and catch the infections some criminals have put there.

I never wondered why I used the word goggle as my example, but today while surfing the net I ran across this Youtube video and realized that I’d seen it before. So that’s probably why. And I thought I was being so original!! The video’s funny, but not so funny if it’s happening to you.

Another way to get a lot of viruses is by downloading porn or going to porn sites and by downloading free music, movies, and software from p2ps. Beware, it’s bad out there.

Please leave a comment or three.

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Funny Post about the Program Boyfriend 5.0

Need a laugh? This post uses computer terminology to talk about boyfriends and husbands. Well, I thought it was funny. Click here.

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