Privacy in the Technological Age

Privacy in the Technological Age

Ducktoes Repair Team

Protecting your Private Data

Privacy can be in short supply these days. Our world is more connected than ever but that connection comes with the risk of your private information being compromised or your private matters being exposed to others. At Ducktoes, we take your privacy very seriously, whether you are a Calgary computer repair client, Calgary web design client or Calgary search engine optimization (SEO) client, we are careful and confidential when handling anything that belongs to you. We are also here to help you secure your data when your private information is compromised through hacking or phishing.

Privacy Threat: Computer viruses

One way your privacy can be compromised is through computer viruses. Yes, those pesky viruses are still around. When you bring in your computer for virus removal our Calgary virus removal techs will work to remove the virus while protecting your data and maintaining your privacy. During the entire process, your privacy is our top priority. Our techs remove the viruses without ever looking at your private data. They put safeguards in place to protect your data and your privacy in the future. When you pick up your computer, our techs can give you advice and additional steps to take in order to avoid getting viruses in the future.

Email Threats to your Private Data

Another way your privacy can be compromised is through email threats that demand payment or they will release your private data. It’s important to realize that a scammer’s main weapon is fear. So they probably do not have your data and in almost all cases you can ignore the threat. If you are worried that they do have private information about you, give us a call and we can help sort it out! In all cases, DO NOT send them money. It is not necessary and it does not work.

As we connect more, it’s more we connect with each other in a secure way that maintains your privacy. Our techs are here to help with any technological privacy issues you may come across. Whether you are worried about your data on the cloud, a computer virus or another problem, Ducktoes. Give us a call! Save our number!