Please, Please, Please Backup

[ad name=”new”]   See these moving parts inside the hard drive?  They can stop working in a second.  The little arm that looks like an old-fashioned turntable tone arm can get stuck to the side.  The platters can stop spinning.  The circuitry can chip or age and short out.  So please backup your hard drives. […]

Making Memories Last

Right in the middle of my children’s childhoods, digital cameras replaced film cameras.  Since then my husband and I have taken umpteen thousand photos but they are not tracked or stored with any organization. As I’ve said before, with the advent of digital photos, I worry this next generation of kids will grow up with […]

Auto Backup Your Holiday Photos to Google+

[ad name=”new”] Many people now use their android or iphone as their camera, sometimes their only camera.  This is easier and more convenient than carrying around a camera as well as a phone.  Yet phones often get lost, stolen, broken or dropped in a puddle or toilet and then all the photos will be lost […]

No Encryption Virus Yet

[ad name=”new”] Luckily we haven’t seen the encryption virus Crytolocker on a client computer in our Calgary repair shop yet. I hope we never do. This ransomware will encrypt your entire hard drive so you lose all your photos, data, and documents if you don’t pay the criminals the unencryption fee. I think the fee is […]

Backup System Image Class

[ad name=”new”] Well, one person came to the backup class.  She was very brave to come, especially out in the rain.  Her laptop got a lot of attention from my senior tech and she got a system image for free, because she got a hands-on session, which essentially we showed her how to do a […]

How to Back up your Windows 7 Machine

Here’s an article from on how to back up your Windows 7 machine by making an image of your operating system, your programs and your files.  You put the image on a disk and then can restore your system by booting from that disk.  It is great protection for your programs and files and […]

Hard Drives are Flimsy

[ad name=”new”] I can’t say this often enough. Hard drives are vulnerable and flimsy. They are the most common piece of hardware to go bad, so you, a computer owner, are under constant threat of losing your data. So never, ever, go without backing up your data. You can not rely on your hard drive! […]

Have you backed up your files?

[ad name=”new”] It can happen in a heartbeat, a lightening flash, a burglary, a fire, a bump of the vacuum, a bad virus… And all your files and photos are gone. So don’t put it off. Backup your computer today. It can be easy and inexpensive. I’ve been researching backups for a Calgary business that […]

Start Backing Up Your Files

[ad name=”new”] Most people love or need the data they store on their computers: their photos, home videos, favorite music, business and accounting data, and documents of all kinds such as resumes, letters, journals and creative writing. But, even with such precious data and files in limbo, most people don’t back up their files. And […]