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Category: Back Up

Making Memories Last

Right in the middle of my children’s childhoods, digital cameras replaced film cameras.  Since then my husband and I have taken umpteen thousand photos but

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No Encryption Virus Yet

[ad name=”new”] Luckily we haven’t seen the encryption virus Crytolocker on a client computer in our Calgary repair shop yet. I hope we never do. This

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Backup System Image Class

[ad name=”new”] Well, one person came to the backup class.  She was very brave to come, especially out in the rain.  Her laptop got a

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Hard Drives are Flimsy

[ad name=”new”] I can’t say this often enough. Hard drives are vulnerable and flimsy. They are the most common piece of hardware to go bad,

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Start Backing Up Your Files

[ad name=”new”] Most people love or need the data they store on their computers: their photos, home videos, favorite music, business and accounting data, and

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