Come Try Out our Gaming Machine

We have a gaming machine on demo with 3 monitors, i7 processor, 16 GBs of ram, awesome video card and great game controllers.  Come check it out today.   Stayed tuned to this post and I’ll post some photos on new controllers soon. We’re also buying an Oculus Rift when the new beta comes out […]

Oculus What?

[ad name=”new”] Oculus what? Oculus Rift.  It’s a gaming virtual reality headset that makes it look like you’re there, virtually immersed in the game.  You turn your head and see what’s next to you in 3-D.  So totally cool.  It’s still in development but you can find out more here. In March, Oculus Rift was bought […]

Top-of-the-Line Gaming Computer

[ad name=”new”]   Hold onto your hats, or your Oculus Rifts (virtual reality headsets) ladies and gents, because Ducktoes Computer Services now has a gaming computer on demo for our clients to see and try out.  It’s not just any old gaming computer either, it is a top-of-the-line custom-built, with screaming specs, a solid state […]

Gamers, We are Entering a New Realm, or Where are my Earphones?

[ad name=”new”] Ducktoes has entered a new realm of computing. We are now building custom gaming machines. We have always built gaming machines but now we are doing it with intention and passion. We even have some models posted on our website. This new realm involves a lot of heated discussion. We are striking near […]