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We make creative eye-catching designs that promote your business 24/7.

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We do both onsite and offsite optimization which gets optimal search engine visibility and more targeted traffic.

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Victoria SEO

Services for Your Local Business

Our search engine optimization (SEO) approach is designed to maximize website traffic and sales while staying true to your brand. Anyone who lives in Victoria knows that this city is truly unique. From the charming float homes of Fisherman’s Wharf to the beauty of Butchart Gardens – Victoria, BC is in a league of its own. This uniqueness extends to the people and businesses that call Victoria and “The Island” home.

Nobody knows Victoria like a local, so why would you hire an SEO from anyone but a local?

SEO Search Engine Optimization. Chart with keywords and icons.

Local, reliable, and honest SEO is crucial for your organization.

Victoria SEO AgencyDid you know that the best place to hide a great Victoria business is on the 2nd page of Google?

Our Victoria BC SEO experts ensure that local customers searching for your product or service will find your business on the first page…because businesses that can’t be found don’t last long!

It’s the 21st century Victoria – your digital marketing strategy should reflect that.

One of the biggest SEO mistakes a locally owned small business makes is throwing money at ranking in Google searches for keywords that are not relevant to their specific customer niche.

This “spray & pray” approach to digital marketing is guaranteed to sink your ship before it even sets sail! Unfortunately, it’s an approach too many digital marketing firms take when optimizing local businesses. Ducktoes does not do this, and that gives us and your business a competitive edge.

We learn the specifics of your business, your customers, and your needs. This allows us to form an SEO strategy that caters to the individual needs of your business’s online market.

Get discovered across Vancouver Island with the help of the strongest SEO company in Victoria

Why you want local digital marketers:

Local SEO in Victoria makes a dramatic difference for your business. If you show up in Google’s “snack pack” or “map pack” (the top 3 spots below the map), your website gets roughly 33% of all the search traffic your industry receives. Not too shabby, eh? Our strategy revolves around getting you into those spots!

Here’s what that looks like in a local Victoria search:

Local Snack Pack

Local search traffic is incredibly lucrative for your Victoria and Vancouver Island based business. But don’t take our word for it – a recent study found that 82% of local searchers will call, visit a store, or make a purchase offline related to that search (Source: TMP/comScore).

What’s more, 61% of local searches lead to a purchase (Search Engine Watch) — especially if they find you searching on their smartphone!

Needless to say that you want to do everything you can to rank in those top 3 spots in Google local search.

We understand business owners like results and accountability, so we are always open to questions about our SEO services and will work with you to step by step to create an online presence that fits your vision, drives traffic and sales, and outranks your competitors.

And that’s why you’re here. It’s also why you should get in touch with us. Call now.

Call 1-778-410-2203 for more information.

SEO Steps

Step 1 – Technical Audit:

Young Businessman Using A Phone In Office
First, we do a technical seo audit of your website to find your sites’s strengths. We then capitalize on the strengths and address the weaknesses. Hundreds of components are analyzed. From this analysis, a strategic digital marketing plan is created, fully customized for your business and priorities. The changes will make your website rank higher in the Calgary market against all your competitors.

Step 2 – Search Console:

SEO Step 2 Google Search Console
Then we set your business up in Google Search Console for all four of your domains, the https:www and non-www, the http:www and non-www. You’ll need a sitemap, robots.txt, and other features configured within the console. This is extremely important for your SEO.

Step 3 – Google Analytics:

SEO Step 3 Google Analytics
We set up Google Analytics for your site. Google Analytics is Google’s free web analytics utility that lets you to analyze in-depth data about the potential clients that visit your web pages. This data provides valuable insights about your website that can shape the SEO strategy and success of your business.

Step 4 – Keywords:

Keyword research graphic
Next, we do keyword research and find what people are searching to find businesses like yours and what keywords would bring you the most revenue. Your money keywords, we call them.

Step 5 – Content:

Content is King typed on a typewriter
Then we set your business up in Google Search Console for all four of your domains, the https:www and non-www, the http:www and non-www. You’ll need a sitemap, robots.txt, and other features configured within the console. This is extremely important for your SEO.

Step 6 – Backlinks:

SEO Step 6 Backlinks
Next we do off-site SEO including quality backlinks and citations. Content is king but backlinks are queen, and she wears the pants.

Step 7 – Local SEO:

SEO Step 7 Local SEO
The citations we create for you help you be higher on the Google local 3-pack and the map. They include your NAP (name, address, and phone number.)

Step 8 – Competitors:

SEO Step 8 Creep Competition
Also we “creep” your high ranking competitors to see what strategies they are using. Then we mimic and enhance those strategies so you will rank higher.

Step 9 – Onsite SEO:

Demonstrates the coding behind SEO Optimization
After researching your business niche and keywords, we do onsite seo including titles, meta-descriptions, meta-tags, alt-tags, body word count, and keyword percentages.

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