Sustainable Calgary Computer Repair

Sustainable Calgary Computer Repair

sustainable computer repair for sustainable computing

Sustainable Practices in Calgary Computer Repair

Our world is advancing at an incredible pace thanks to all the new technology available to us. Sustaining that progress through prolonging computer and device lifespan is important. At Ducktoes, sustainable Calgary computer repair experts can fix your device, laptop, or computer so it doesn’t end up in a landfill.

Hidden Upsides to Computer Repair

Some people will tell you it’s cheaper to buy a new device than fix your old one. This isn’t true, but it is true that sometimes repairs can be costly. However, buying a new computer or device has a lot of hidden costs. What are they? Let’s go over a few!

  1. Time. Time is money and the time it takes to get up to speed on a new device, computer or laptop reduces your productivity. And newer isn’t always better, so if you get things down quickly with your current set up, you might not want to change it up and risk losing that productivity.
  2. Garbage and recycling costs. It takes money and resources to dispose of or recycle electronic devices. These costs may be paid directly by you if you need to pay to dispose of it or indirectly when government costs of disposing and storing waste goes up, raising your taxes.
  3. Improper use. Sometimes computers, laptops, phones and electronic devices in general break from normal wear and tear. The Flames blew a third period lead again, for example. But sometimes it’s from not knowing how to use the device properly. Our techs are highly trained, highly experienced and some would say they are on the nerdy end of the spectrum. So if you can bring in your device to be fixed they can teach you what to do differently so it doesn’t happen again. But if you just buy a new device, it may break too if you don’t know how to use it properly. Costing you substantially more than you would have paid in the end.

So as you can see there’s a lot of reasons to pick repairing your computer, laptop, smart phone, or any other electronic device over getting a new one. It’s the sustainable choice and the less expensive choice. So next time you run into a problem, bring in your device to Calgary computer repair experts, Ducktoes. You’ll be happy you did! Call now!  Save our number! It’s 403-219-3031.