How to Make Your Laptop Battery Last Forever

[ad name=”new”]   There’s one simple trick to making your laptop battery last longer.  Take it out while your laptop is plugged in.  The reason is simple.  Laptops batteries have only a limited amount of charges in them, sometimes as few as as 300.  If your battery is always inside the laptop, and always charging, […]

Hard Drives are Flimsy

[ad name=”new”] I can’t say this often enough. Hard drives are vulnerable and flimsy. They are the most common piece of hardware to go bad, so you, a computer owner, are under constant threat of losing your data. So never, ever, go without backing up your data. You can not rely on your hard drive! […]

Get Perpendicular Animation from Hitachi

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Here’s an entertaining animation about perpendicular recording on hard drives. It’s from Hitachi’s Global Storage Technology about Hitachi’s new hard drive technology. And click here to see the Lab Rats video on perpendicular hard drives. You have to download it in the different media types such as Quicktime and Real Player […]