How to Fix Black Screen with White Cursor, Part 2

[ad name=”Google Adsense”] Often when a computer boots to a black screen with a white cursor it means your hard drive has too many errors to boot properly. Your hard drive is just too error-stricken to get its act together. You’ll need to help it. If your computer does this and you have an XP […]

Stuck on Runonce page? What to do.

[ad name=”new”] The other day a client’s Internet Explorer 7 was stuck on the runonce page. She couldn’t get rid of it. There’s a simple program on Cnet’s that removed it right away. It’s called IE7 Runonce Remover. Click below to download the program. [ad name=”new”]

How to Fix the Black Screen with White Cursor

[ad name=”new”] This week I fixed a computer that booted through the Welcome screen and the login screen to a totally black screen with only the white cursor and nothing else. The poor cursor was in total darkness! I tried booting into Safe Mode and Last Good Configuration (that worked) and still the cursor stood […]

Fix your Wireless Mouse

[ad name=”new”] Is your wireless computer mouse behaving erratically? Or not at all? One simple fix is to change the battery. One client of mine had trouble with her mouse, and she wanted to buy a new computer. Really all she needed to do was change the battery. There’s a battery compartment like on a […]

How to Fix Rebooting Vista Machines after an Update

[ad name=”new”] This week I fixed a machine that was rebooting after Windows started. A message said it was installing three updates and on the third of the three it reached 75% and then rebooted. Over and over and yes, over again. An update gone awry!!! This is how Ms. Ducktoes fixed it. The client […]