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Category: Rogue Anti-spyware

How to remove the hdd virus

[ad name=”new”] The HDD virus advertises itself as a legitimate program, a hard drive defragmenter, but it’s really malware. If you fall for their ploy

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Ad Agent BN

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes now has eat her words, and take back what she said about Grisoft’s free AVG 8 in her last blog. AVG

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[ad] Today I’m removing (from an Acer laptop) a trojan called Win32.Renos. It causes false alerts on the desktop purporting to be from Windows. If

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An Excellent Spyware Reference

[ad name=”new”] I’m excited!! I’ve been reading the article on Spyware in Wikipedia. It’s excellent. If you want in depth knowledge about what malware is

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