Did you Fall for this Scam? You may be Entitled to a Refund.

[ad name=”new”]  According to the LA Times, victims of the Winfixer, Drive Cleaner and Antivirus XP scam are entitled to a refund.  See here.  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/money_co/2011/12/scam-watch-computer-virus-warning-ponzi-scheme-fake-bbb-email.html. If you fall for any other anti-virus scams or have a Rogue Anti-virus or Rogue Anti-Spyware, we can help at our Calgary Virus Removal lab.

This Phish will Bite your Butt

[ad name=”new”] Here’s a youtube video from Sophos that shows how you can get infected from a Google Ad advertising Norton.  Note how on the fake Norton website the colors are yellow like Norton Antivirus or Symantec, but there’s no real name, only the word “Anti-virus,” a clue you’re not getting the real deal, but […]

How to remove the hdd virus

[ad name=”new”] The HDD virus advertises itself as a legitimate program, a hard drive defragmenter, but it’s really malware. If you fall for their ploy while trying to defragment your hard drive, you won’t be the first, since we’re seeing many infected computers in the Ducktoes virus lab. To get rid of HDD virus: 1. […]

Hallmark Card Virus (Again) and the Evil AntivirusOn.com

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes really feels for the readers whose computers have the Hallmark card virus. So many of you are still coming to this blog for a fix. This has been going on for months. Since so many of you are still getting infected, today I went on-line to do a more research. I […]

How to Remove Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009

[ad name=”new”] If you are one of the millions of people whose computers are infested with the nasty malware Windows Antivirus XP 2008/2009, don’t despair. It’s hard to remove but can be done. I’ve fixed it in four computers now. I tried many different things, but I had the greatest success with SD Fix and […]

Ad Agent BN

[ad name=”new”] Ms. Ducktoes now has eat her words, and take back what she said about Grisoft’s free AVG 8 in her last blog. AVG has proved to be a real trooper (a State Trooper even or an RCMP Mountie!) against the criminal and fraudulent Ad Agent BN. This week the malware has been extremely […]

Make Sure your Anti-virus is Working

[ad name=”new”] Now Ms. Ducktoes wants you to be a get all your ducks in a row and make sure your anti-virus software is working, or if you’re too much of a newbie to understand or know what you’re doing yet, get a friend or co-worker to help you. And to train you. Or hire […]


[ad] Today I’m removing (from an Acer laptop) a trojan called Win32.Renos. It causes false alerts on the desktop purporting to be from Windows. If you click on the alert, the trojan then downloads a rogue anti-spyware called Win SpyControl, AntiSpy Kit, and Virus Ranger. The alert looks like this or some other warning: The […]

An Excellent Spyware Reference

[ad name=”new”] I’m excited!! I’ve been reading the article on Spyware in Wikipedia. It’s excellent. If you want in depth knowledge about what malware is and does, read it. The photo on the page shows a browser overloaded with toolbars. If you have unwanted toolbars on your browser window then that is one indication you […]

You are NOT my Sunshine, my Only Sunshine

A new rogue anti-spyware has just crested over the cyber-horizon. By rogue anti-spyware, I mean a program that is supposed to get rid of spyware, but is actually spyware and malware itself. SunshineSpy is this decidedly unsunshiny program. SunshineSpy gives you fake infection warnings and dire security alerts and uses rootkits to hide its dastardly […]