Did you Fall for this Scam? You may be Entitled to a Refund.

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According to the LA Times, victims of the Winfixer, Drive Cleaner and Antivirus XP scam are entitled to a refund.  See here.  http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/money_co/2011/12/scam-watch-computer-virus-warning-ponzi-scheme-fake-bbb-email.html.

If you fall for any other anti-virus scams or have a Rogue Anti-virus or Rogue Anti-Spyware, we can help at our Calgary Virus Removal lab.

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This Phish will Bite your Butt

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Here’s a youtube video from Sophos that shows how you can get infected from a Google Ad advertising Norton.  Note how on the fake Norton website the colors are yellow like Norton Antivirus or Symantec, but there’s no real name, only the word “Anti-virus,” a clue you’re not getting the real deal, but a rogue antivirus. Be aware when going to unfamiliar sites. In the meantime, I’ll try to let Google know this is a fraudulent website. We call that a phish website. Try not to go phishing, the phish ARE biting, but are biting right in the ol kazoo, meaning where it hurts most: your wallet and computer.

If you did buy the fake Norton from the phish website, it wouldn’t work, and would infect your computer with more viruses and spyware.

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How to remove the hdd virus

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This is what the HDD Virus (Malware) looks like

The HDD virus advertises itself as a legitimate program, a hard drive defragmenter, but it’s really malware. If you fall for their ploy while trying to defragment your hard drive, you won’t be the first, since we’re seeing many infected computers in the Ducktoes virus lab.

To get rid of HDD virus:

1. Download and run Malwarebytes. Click here to get Malwarebytes. If you have trouble downloading and installing Malwarebytes, start in Safe Mode, by tapping the F8 key while booting. Then pick “Safe Mode with Networking.” Either way, you’ll need to update and run the program. Restart the computer.

2. Next download and run either AVG or Avira. These are both excellent anti-viruses and both free for home use.

3. Then just to be safe, download and run Super-Anti-Spyware.

You should now be HDD Virus Free.

The next blog post will be about good, safe legitimate defragmenters, so stay posted.

If you’re having trouble removing viruses from your computer and you live in Calgary, come to our shop at 902 Centre St. NE right outside downtown or give us a call. We’re Ducktoes Calgary Computer Repair and Virus Removal.

Outside of Calgary, you can use Bleeping Computer to fix your computer for free.

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If you need computer repair click here or IT business services click here.

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Hallmark Card Virus (Again) and the Evil AntivirusOn.com

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Ms. Ducktoes really feels for the readers whose computers have the Hallmark card virus. So many of you are still coming to this blog for a fix. This has been going on for months.

Since so many of you are still getting infected, today I went on-line to do a more research. I was wondering if there were any new variants etc.

What I found troubled me:
This Google search result for "hallmark virus" leads to a Youtube video.

The links lead to a Youtube video which pretends to be a Tutorial but really is an ad for AntispywareOn.com, a rogue anti-virus site that will give you–you guessed it–more spyware and viruses. You can play the video without getting infected but don’t go to AntivirusOn.com. The video’s not much to see; it’s mostly obscured by big letters telling you to go to AntivirusOn.com. Click here to see the video.

Now here’s a video that’s more interesting. The video maker “Video search engine” infects a virtual machine with what you get on AntivirusOn.com and makes a video of the result. And, oh dear, the result looks surprisingly familiar: like another variant of the Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009!

Ms. Ducktoes wants to stamp her (web) foot, she’s so sick of the Hallmark card virus and the Windows XP Anti-virus!!!

If you have the Hallmark virus, don’t go to AntivirusOn.com and even get more spyware and viruses. I’m sure some of you have already.

If you need to remove the Hallmark Card virus, the Windows Xp Anti-virus 2008/2009 or any other spyware, try this first.

If you already have bad spyware problems and can’t download the anti-spyware abovego here for a fix.

Good luck and as always your comments are most welcome.
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How to Remove Windows XP Antivirus 2008/2009

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If you are one of the millions of people whose computers are infested with the nasty malware Windows Antivirus XP 2008/2009, don’t despair. It’s hard to remove but can be done. I’ve fixed it in four computers now. I tried many different things, but I had the greatest success with SD Fix and Malwarebytes.

Download SD Fix by clicking here. Then you’ll need to reboot into Safe Mode by restarting your computer. As the computer starts up, tap the F8 key several times. If you tap it at the right time, you’ll a screen with several options will appear. One will be Safe Mode. Choose Safe Mode. Next, after a list of drivers is displayed in black and white on your screen, you’ll be asked if you want to go into Safe Mode (Y) or if you want to use System Recovery (N). Pick Y for Safe Mode.

After Windows has started. Go to My Computer and find the C: drive. Double-click it, so it will open. Look for a folder called SD Fix. Inside SD Fix will be a file called RunThis.bat. Click on it. It will run a program to clean up the Trojans. Type Y to begin. SD Fix will delete all the spyware or trojans it comes across. Then you’ll be asked to type any key to restart the computer. Do it, type a key.

Your computer will reboot. As it does, it will finish cleaning up the malware it has found.
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Next download Malwarebytes. Update it and run it. It is pretty straight-forward.

You may have to run the above two programs several times to finally get rid of this nasty of all nasties.

If, after removal you find you’re missing your screensaver tab, you can go to my this post to fix it. To see if you’re missing your screensaver tab, go to Control Panel, Display. One of the tabs should be Screensaver.

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If you were unfortunate enough to buy this rogue antispyware, you need to call your bank and get a new credit card number. Also you should stop payment on your purchase.

If you want help, and your computer still has the ability go on the Internet. I can fix your computer remotely. Call 403-483-0105 during the day (Mountain Standard Time.)

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