How to Remove Viruses Manually

[ad name=”new”] It takes a few weeks for antivirus companies to discover new viruses and develop defenses and definitions against them. In the meantime those viruses are running in the wild. There are ways to remove viruses manually without antivirus programs. One is using Process Explorer an application from Sysinternals. I learn new techniques for […]

How Not to Get Viruses Ever Again

[ad name=”new”] Ducktoes Anti-Virus Cocktail Ducktoes is offering another new product and service: Ducktoes Anti-Virus Cocktail. This is a combination of some super and highly-rated anti-virus and anti-malware software, and installation of Adblock with Google Chrome.   AdBlock blocks ads where a lot of viruses lurk.  We’ve recommended it for a long time to our […]

Don’t Use MSE Says Microsoft

[ad name=”new”]   Microsoft, according to this article by How-to Geek and other articles, is telling everyone not to use Microsoft Security Essentials, but to use a third party anti-virus instead. No longer concentrating on making a great antivirus, Microsoft has shifted its focus. Now Microsoft sends its anti-virus information to third party  vendors to help them […]

How to Upgrade to AVG 2014 and 2015

[ad name=”new”] Update: These techniques below still work including upgrading AVG 2015.  They are for paid versions of AVG. To upgrade for the free versions please see this tutorial. Many of our clients and others have AVG 2013 or an older version and need to upgrade to 2014.  If you don’t know how to upgrade […]

How to Remove New Skype Virus

I saw a new Skype virus this week. It was sending a series of numbers out on Skype messaging to a contact my client didn’t recognize. My client and I were worried they were credit card or bank account numbers but couldn’t match them. Whatever they were, we didn’t want that going on. To remove […]

No Encryption Virus Yet

[ad name=”new”] Luckily we haven’t seen the encryption virus Crytolocker on a client computer in our Calgary repair shop yet. I hope we never do. This ransomware will encrypt your entire hard drive so you lose all your photos, data, and documents if you don’t pay the criminals the unencryption fee. I think the fee is […]

Tutorial on How to Renew AVG Free

So many clients don’t know what to do when their free antivirus expires.  They have two choices.  They could pay for it and support this great software company or if the computer they are protecting is a home business, they could renew their free subscription.  Here’s a tutorial on how to renew AVG free.

How to Remove the Cybercrime Ukash Virus

[ad name=”new”] Unfortunately, the Cybercrime or Ukash virus is still with us. We just had another couple of computers at the shop come in infected with it. If you live in the Calgary area, bring your computer into our Calgary computer repair shop and we’ll fix it for you tout de suite. If you don’t […]

Best Anti-Viruses Revisited

[ad name=”new”] Since I wrote the last post, the newest virus bulletin is now out with the newest comparatives, this time for Windows 8. And the best is again Coranti, but the second best is Avira Personal Version which, remarkably, did better than the professional. Zeobit is still up there too. More recently, I found […]

The Best Anti-Viruses

[ad name=”new”] According to the latest comparative testing of anti-virus products by Virus Bulletin, an independent anti-malware and anti-virus testing and review bulletin, two did remarkably better than the others. Coranti from Japan outflanked others including  highly-rated antiviruses such as G-Data, Bitdefender, Kaspersky, and E-set.  It did better than the three A’s from Europe too. […]