How to Speed up your Computer – Part Five: Clean the Registry

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This is Part Five of a five part series about how to speed up your computer. Here are the other four posts.

Why should you clean the registry? The registry is a listing of all the settings and options in Windows. They are listed in the form of “keys”. When the registry gets cluttered with unfunctional and useless keys the computer still has to refer to and process them and this slows booting, running applications and going on-line. To fix this and speed things up, you can delete or edit the keys manually, which is tedious and risky, since changing the registry is a good way of messing up the computer completely, if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There is a free registry cleaner called EasyCleaner by Tony Arts. It works well. If you use it, please leave the creator/owner a donation. You should use EasyCleaner as part of your regular computer maintenance routine.

The best registry tool is jv16 PowerTools by Macecraft. The trial of 30 days is not limited but gives you access to the full version. In some computers, it is the tool that makes the most significant difference in speed. Use both the Registry Cleaner and the Registry Compacter components.

Ducktoes to the rescue!!

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4 thoughts on How to Speed up your Computer – Part Five: Clean the Registry

  1. A really nice set of posts! Not many typical users even know how to, let alone manage cleaning their registry.
    Well done.

  2. Dear rep,
    The one you like is said to be a rogue registry cleaner called ErrorKiller. It will cause problems and is ineffective. I don’t recommend it. The ones in my blog are reviewed to be the best. Sorry, but you’ve been sold a bill of goods.

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