Chrome Browser Rocks

[ad name=”new”] It also adds and subtracts, multiplies and divides. Yes, Chrome is a calculator. Just put any problem (expression) you want solved into Chrome’s address bar and it will give you an instant answer. Chrome will also convert measurement units and currency easily. The best part of Chrome is how fast, minimalist and easy […]

Be There When You Can’t: Part 4

[ad name=”new”] Use Chrome Remote Desktop At a barbecue on the 4th of July, my nephew Matthew showed me how he could access his desktop computer from his android phone using Chrome Remote Desktop. I’d heard about Remote Desktop before but had never seen it in action and was impressed. I tried it on my […]

Improve Your Writing with Expresso

[ad name=”new”] I write fiction in my spare time and blog for work.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing skills.  This month I discovered Expresso, a web app that analyses and edits text.  For example, it highlights words and phrases in your writing that might be less than stellar.  I don’t always use its suggestions, yet among its […]

Be There When You Can’t: Part 3

[ad name=”new”] Another great way to connect with people you care about or need to do business with is Google Hangout.  It is replacing Google Talk, Google Voice, and Google Messenger and has incorporated features from all of these programs. Right from your G-mail account you can instant message or talk with live voice and […]

Be There When You Can’t: Part 2

[ad name=”new”] I love Skype.  It lets me visit my children when they’re not at home or living in Calgary.  I’m the kind of mother who wishes all her children would live in her hometown forever.  I really miss them when they’re away.  One thing that helps is Skype. On Sunday morning, my day off, […]

Be There When You Can’t: Part One

At Ducktoes we can help you use technology and computers to make your life or business work better for  you.  One way we can help is to keep you connected to what you care about and love even when you’re away. I’m excited to tell to you about a wonderful new service we’re offering: Dropcam. […]