Chrome Browser Rocks

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It also adds and subtracts, multiplies and divides. Yes, Chrome is a calculator. Just put any problem (expression) you want solved into Chrome’s address bar and it will give you an instant answer.

Screenshot 2014-08-01 15.03.09

Chrome will also convert measurement units and currency easily.

The best part of Chrome is how fast, minimalist and easy to use it is.

Speaking of Chrome, it has now become more popular browser for combined mobile + desktop market at 31.8 percent, compared to Internet Explorer’s 30.9 and Safari’s 25 percent . Firefox has declined to only 8.7 percent probably due to it’s lack of presence on mobile devices. A report from Adobe Digital Index shows Google to rapidly gaining in market share.  For desktops alone however, Internet Explorer still leads at 43 percent.

If you would like to switch to Chrome you can download it here.

If you would like Ducktoes help in installing Chrome just visit our computer repair shop in Calgary.

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Be There When You Can’t: Part 4

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Use Chrome Remote Desktop

At a barbecue on the 4th of July, my nephew Matthew showed me how he could access his desktop computer from his android phone using Chrome Remote Desktop. I’d heard about Remote Desktop before but had never seen it in action and was impressed. I tried it on my own phone and laptop and decided to share it with you, my readers.

With Chrome Remote desktop, you can connect to your computer from your android phone or iphone, tablet, or other computer.   Then you can access, control, and use your computer remotely from your phone or other device.  To make it work you need to go to Chrome Web Store and launch and download the app to Chrome in every device you want to connect.


Then follow the instructions found here.  They will show you how to install Google Remote Desktop on any type or platform of computer.


If you’d like help setting up and using Google Remote Desktop yourself, call Ducktoes.  We can help you with that or to fix with any other computer issue.

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Improve Your Writing with Expresso

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I write fiction in my spare time and blog for work.  I’m always looking for ways to improve my writing skills.  This month I discovered Expresso, a web app that analyses and edits text.  For example, it highlights words and phrases in your writing that might be less than stellar.  I don’t always use its suggestions, yet among its many metrics, it points out weak words and passive voice.  Using active verbs and more vivid, engaging words is an easy and powerful way to jazz up lacklustre writing.

Here is a screen capture for the Expresso’s suggestions for the above text, displaying the top results.



Computers can help you improve your writing and your life.  At Ducktoes we can help make computers work better for you and your life.

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Be There When You Can’t: Part 3

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Another great way to connect with people you care about or need to do business with is Google Hangout.  It is replacing Google Talk, Google Voice, and Google Messenger and has incorporated features from all of these programs.

Right from your G-mail account you can instant message or talk with live voice and even video.  As the name implies you can also Hangout with more than 10 friends and share photos and documents while you are talking.  I know of many families who get together on a regular basis using Google Hangout.  Pick a time and have everyone get together over Hangouts.

To start you’ll need a Google account which also a G-mail account.   Fill out the form.



Next once inside your G-mail account, you’ll need to add your family, friends, and contacts.  You can enter them manually or import them from another email account.

Once you have your contacts, you can open Hangout right from your G-mail account. You’ll see it just under your Gmail mailboxes in the top left corner.


Or from your Google + Account, if you have one. Find it in the top right corner.



If the other person or people are online, it will ask them if they want to “Hangout” with you. When they respond, you’ll be hanging out on Hangout.  You really can be closer to family and friends with Google Hangout.

There are so many things going on at Google that people can do it is really exciting.  Other new products are “On Air” where you can broadcast live and post it on YouTube.

Click here to find out more from Google about Hangouts.

I’ve supported several clients while they learn to use Google Hangout. I can support you too either in person or remotely.

by Cathie Dunklee-Donnell

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Be There When You Can’t: Part 2

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I love Skype.  It lets me visit my children when they’re not at home or living in Calgary.  I’m the kind of mother who wishes all her children would live in her hometown forever.  I really miss them when they’re away.  One thing that helps is Skype.

On Sunday morning, my day off, I Skyped my son Ben who is studying in Exeter, England this semester.  I put the laptop on the kitchen table and chatted with him while I cooked scrambled eggs.  My other son John who’s still in high school and living at home was also in the kitchen so we all talked and laughed and were together as if we were in the same room.  The only bad part was that Ben couldn’t eat with us but he didn’t really want eggs at 4 pm his time.  What seems strange and wonderful to me even after using Skype for years is that this cross-Atlantic visit was all free and the video and sound were quite good.

Yes that is me in my flannel pajamas…lol.

If you don’t already use Skype, you too can be connected to the people you care about and enjoy.

If you have any questions about installing or using Skype, Ducktoes can help.

You might enjoy reading Be There When You Can’t: Part One.

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