Something You Might Not Know about Ducktoes

Tech Simeon fixing a motherboard

Ducktoes is probably the best computer repair shop in Calgary. The manager who runs it so well is an honest, gregarious, warm-hearted gentleman (with the emphasis on gentle) who also has formidable tech skills.

The other techs are a mixture of electronics artists and hardware/software engineers who can fix even motherboards that have been shorted-out from spills and who can remove viruses without reformatting (my specialty). They are also friendly, kind, and good with people. Best techs bar none.

The SEO team is a hard-working, dedicated, extremely skilled group of web designers and digital marketing experts. I can not believe how hard they work and how good they are at their jobs.

We fix computers quickly and expertly without a long queue, without any queue at all. We charge reasonable prices. We repair problems with motherboards, screens, keyboards, hard drive recovery, software issues, overheating that no one else in the city of Calgary can fix. We are hard working and love our jobs.

Our SEO agency allows many companies to thrive and flourish, by getting them business and traffic they desperately needed before.

And our services come with reasonable prices.

But we are also a charity. I have hired autistic guys who at first couldn’t look people in the eye or carry on a conversation with anyone never mind clients or customers, who after several years of working within the positive, wholesome and inclusive environment of Ducktoes, transform into social, skilled, extremely talented techs that go on to better jobs (they should work for NASA).

Others have recovered from years of hopeless poverty, unemployment, or welfare, addiction issues, and underemployment.

You would never know it. They are now happy and positive employees who run the computer repair shop like a well-oiled machine. They love their work. We make all kinds of people welcome in our shop.

Not all come to Ducktoes as troubled individuals, but all grow. Especially myself. I’ve learned that I don’t have all the answers and learn from other’s strengths and ideas. I’m become more confident and good at sales. I’ve learned to trust employees to give them the freedom they need to work their best. I’ve created an easy going workplace where people have fun while they work.

Today is a good day for doughnuts

I give training and second chances galore. The result? My staff is totally wonderful through and through.

I have helped almost everyone financially…I help them buy their cars, groceries or insurance, take care of their parents, give advances, give whatever to whatever crisis they are in.

I have not made much money, so we are really a non-profit, and sometimes I struggle to stay afloat.

But the enrichment I get from watching people find and unfold their true potential and goodness and work ethic….is immeasurable.

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Want to Learn SEO? Watch These Videos Channels.

Want to learn to do your own SEO? The above is a screenshot of a post in our blog for SEO beginners. The post is about two videos channels, The Deep End and Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. These videos are entertaining as well as a great place to start learning SEO. Click here to see them.

If you want to learn SEO quickly there are a lot resources available to help give you learning boost. Check out this blog for SEO Learning for Beginners.

Or if you want help on your web design or SEO, check out Ducktoes SEO in Calgary.

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Unhacking a Website Used for Black Hat SEO

I’ve just unhacked a website which was hacked for black hat SEO purposes. By black hat, I mean search engine optimization which uses less than savory tactics. Dishonest and illegal tactics. How exciting is that!

The hackers hacked into my client’s website to write very badly written blog posts on my unsuspecting client’s blog.

My client noticed the posts and called me, probably too late at night, probably while I was on vacation. “There are essay writing posts on my site,” he said. He owns a Calgary security company. “Did you put them there?” “Huh?” I said.

(By the way, his security company ranks in the top three on Google search results because of Ducktoes’s expert and legitimate SEO.)

These posts link back to their (the hackers) own client’s site, which in this case is an essay writing site. Oh, the irony, the irony! Badly written essays (posts) linking to essay writing site.

Did the hackers think we would not notice all these weird blog posts?  It doesn’t seem worth all the effort to break into a website, then write several posts, however badly written, only to have them immediately taken down. It must have taken hours to do all that work.  Wouldn’t their time be better served to do legitimate SEO, given the short shelf life of their bad SEO?

Here’s one of the wonderful posts. Click it to see it better.

Screenshot of hackers blog post

Why might you ask, do hackers do black hat SEO? They do it as a supposed shortcut to real SEO, part of which is getting links to their clients’ sites.  Links can raise a site in Google search results.  For instance, if you were a student looking for an essay to hand in, you might search “essay company.”  An essay company that ranked high on Google would show up in your top search results.

So the hacker makes links in the blog posts, just for the links’ sake, so their client will get better search results. They break in and vandalize someone else’s site for this instead of writing real posts that people actually want to read.

By the way, these particular hackers injected code into the site to make a back door to gain entrance, so they could write the posts.

If your site gets hacked, by the way, for whatever nefarious purposes, we can unhack it for you. We’ll clean up the hacker’s code and content, close any backdoors they’ve opened, and  make it more secure.

We can also do legitimate SEO for you to get your higher on Google and other search engines.

Here’s the link to our SEO page. We are a Calgary SEO agency.

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Great Meetup on SEO for Beginners Last Night

We had a great meetup on SEO for Beginners last night at the Rose and Crown on 4th St. 40 people turned out and we had a waiting list.

I presented on Google Search Console as the first step in learning SEO.  Here’s a blog post about it if you’d like to learn too. If you read it please join in the discussion and post a comment.

If you’d like to join the Meetup go here.

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Hey Pinch Me: Ducktoes Makes Dmoz!!

Dmoz Directory is the most sought after directory in the history of the internet and it can be extremely difficult to get into. Just this last week my listing for my company Ducktoes Computer Services was accepted by them. It may have been earlier but I just noticed last week. So I’m swooning over the discovery…and now listing my clients too, to see if I can get them into it.

Read more about this here in my SEO blog.

After this month, I’m not taking more SEO clients for awhile, but you can read about my SEO services here.FacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailFacebooktwitterredditpinterestlinkedinmailby feather