ECO-Max Construction Case Study

At Ducktoes Computer Services, we enjoy the challenge of getting websites to rank at the top of a Google search. It’s the best way of ensuring that your business is visible to a wide audience of potential clients. We use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to modify websites so that they are more visible to Google. […]

Something You Might Not Know about Ducktoes

Ducktoes is probably the best computer repair shop in Calgary. The manager who runs it so well is an honest, gregarious, warm-hearted gentleman (with the emphasis on gentle) who also has formidable tech skills. The other techs are a mixture of electronics artists and hardware/software engineers who can fix even motherboards that have been shorted-out […]

Want to Learn SEO? Watch These Videos Channels.

Want to learn to do your own SEO? The above is a screenshot of a post in our blog for SEO beginners. The post is about two videos channels, The Deep End and Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. These videos are entertaining as well as a great place to start learning SEO. Click here to […]

Unhacking a Website Used for Black Hat SEO

I’ve just unhacked a website which was hacked for black hat SEO purposes. By black hat, I mean search engine optimization which uses less than savory tactics. Dishonest and illegal tactics. How exciting is that! The hackers hacked into my client’s website to write very badly written blog posts on my unsuspecting client’s blog. My […]

Great Meetup on SEO for Beginners Last Night

We had a great meetup on SEO for Beginners last night at the Rose and Crown on 4th St. 40 people turned out and we had a waiting list. I presented on Google Search Console as the first step in learning SEO.  Here’s a blog post about it if you’d like to learn too. If […]

Hey Pinch Me: Ducktoes Makes Dmoz!!

Dmoz Directory is the most sought after directory in the history of the internet and it can be extremely difficult to get into. Just this last week my listing for my company Ducktoes Computer Services was accepted by them. It may have been earlier but I just noticed last week. So I’m swooning over the […]

SEO Training with Bruce Clay

[ad name=”new”] In July, I finished SEO Training with Bruce Clay, and am now using new techniques and strategies in line with Google’s most recent best practices and web master guidelines. It was really eye-opening since many of these practices are overlooked by most internet marketing professionals so using them can help you rise about […]

How to Attract People to your Website

[ad name=”new”] To attract people to your website you need one or more of the following: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Advertising Referrals (Word of Mouth) A Great Website Search Engine Optimization You need search engine optimization to increase your rankings in search results.  Otherwise no one can find you.  The most important ingredient of SEO is having great content […]

Filmmaking for SEO at Ducktoes

[ad name=”new”] Google loves content, all kinds of content that is useful for website users and visitors so for that reason, Ducktoes now provides video production for SEO clients at reasonable prices. Read about it here. Sign up for SEO filmmaking here.

Calgary SEO Experiment Progress

[ad name=”new”] Well, I’ve written 15 posts the last three weeks and have not moved up much yet on Google ranking.  I think I moved up one spot. This is for my SEO experiment. According to one internet marketing expert all you have to do is write four to five posts a week to improve […]