The Difference between Spyware and Viruses

[ad name=”new”] “What’s the difference is between spyware and viruses?” people often ask. A virus is vandalism. Or rather self-perpetuating vandalism. it doesn’t really do anything for anyone, including it’s creators. No one makes money on viruses. A virus just breaks into a computer and makes a big mess. It writes grafitti of code all […]

An Excellent Spyware Reference

[ad name=”new”] I’m excited!! I’ve been reading the article on Spyware in Wikipedia. It’s excellent. If you want in depth knowledge about what malware is and does, read it. The photo on the page shows a browser overloaded with toolbars. If you have unwanted toolbars on your browser window then that is one indication you […]

Spyware Videos

This is a link to a video on spyware by C-net Reviews. The editors recommend having more than one anti-spyware. I recommend having all three, Spy-bot, Ad-aware and Windows Defender. They all catch different things. Here’s a video warning of the dangers of spyware and malware. It’s also an ad for Spyware Doctor, an anti-spyware […]

Spyware Trespasses into Your Computer

Spyware is a general term for software that downloads into your computer from the Internet without your permission or knowledge. Sometimes spyware serves you ads, sometimes it collects information about you, sometimes it records every keystroke you type, sometimes it uses your computer as a server. What makes spyware particularly offensive and pernicious, is that […]

The Keylogger – A Dangerous Trojan Horse

  One really bad type of spyware is called a keylogger. It records everything you type, including bank account numbers, passwords, and credit card numbers and then sends off the information to people who try to use your money or credit card. The solution is to download and run anti-spyware. See how here. Ducktoes to […]

What is Spyware?

[ad] [ad name=”new”] Spyware can be also be called adware or malware. It is software that runs on your computer without your permission or knowledge. Sometimes it can slow down your computer to a standstill by running a lot of processes in the background. You can pick it up it by just surfing the internet. […]