Making Memories Last

Making Memories Last


Right in the middle of my children’s childhoods, digital cameras replaced film cameras.  Since then my husband and I have taken umpteen thousand photos but they are not tracked or stored with any organization.

As I’ve said before, with the advent of digital photos, I worry this next generation of kids will grow up with no or few photos of themselves as babies, children, or even as adults.

To prevent this, parents have to make the photos a priority and since parents are so rushed trying to do everything from working to grocery shopping to taking kids to sports and the dentist, the photos might not make it.  They might get lost when a hard drive dies or the external hard drive is dropped or the laptop is stolen.  They might be stored on an computer that is forgotten and never get backed up in the first place.

Adults too live such harried lives, they may not take the time to keep their photos safe and backed up.  I know many important photos are lost everyday…I see it at my shop when people bring in their computers and the hard drive has died.

Photos are irreplaceable so if they are important, we must take action to keep them.

Well, one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to make sure I find, keep track of, and backup my photos.  I may even take them to Walmart or Costco and make some prints.


This is my plan:

  1. Find all the photos on cds, dvds, old sd cards, external hard drives and old computers.
  2. Organize the photos by year on my computer.
  3. Back them on one external drive and then back that drive up with another external.
  4. Put them on the cloud.  See my post on Google+.  I’ll also put them on Dropbox or other cloud backup.
  5. Print some of them out at Walmart or Costco and put them in albums.

If you would like Ducktoes help in backing up your photos, or saving them to the cloud, bring in your computer, laptop, or external, disks, flash drives, and we’ll help you keep them safe. Let’s make those memories last a lifetime.