Have you backed up your files?

Have you backed up your files?

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It can happen in a heartbeat, a lightening flash, a burglary, a fire, a bump of the vacuum, a bad virus…

And all your files and photos are gone. So don’t put it off. Backup your computer today. It can be easy and inexpensive.

I’ve been researching backups for a Calgary business that Ducktoes supports for computer repair. And I found an online solution that looks impressive. It’s Jungle Disk. It allows you to sync between computers and backup your files to a Cloud storage service like the one at Amazon. So I thought I’d share it with all my clients and readers. Online is a good alternative since even if your business goes up in flames you still have your important data.

If you need Ducktoes Computer Repair or any other computer repair or virus removal to do this for your then call 403-483-0105. Actually we can help anyone anywhere with our remote service.